Faaaast Clinical Hypnosis – Empowering Dreams

What if hypnosis was not slow? Does clinical hypnosis have to be relaxing and take us deeper?  Or can we go higher and do it faster? This week at the Las Vegas Master Class we explored the ideas of backwards hypnosis, and changing our metaphors.

As I took some time to reflect this morning, since I spent the previous few days teaching this intensive experiential course, I was listing to some motivational music to get the day going.  It gave me an idea to create a self-hypnosis session that reverses almost every metaphor we commonly use!   I have posted the whole session in a video format and a downloadable audio for you to enjoy:

Download the audio MP3 here.

Hypnosis is a chance for us to engage the creative mind. By reversing the metaphors of deeper, and slower, and relaxed, we engage the creative part of the mind. Hypnosis can occur in any level of trance, even states of heightened awareness.  In fact, sometimes it is easier to re-write the negative scripts with a powerful metaphor, rather than a slower or deeper metaphor. Think of the suggestions a personal trainer gives in fitness class, or an exhortation a minister gives in a Sunday sermon, or a humorous commencement speech filled with energy and empowerment.

Do you want to explore creative ideas in hypnosis and go beyond the obvious?  Come to Las Vegas and study with me at our next Experiential Master Class. Or, you can even come to Las Vegas and study with me one-on-one in a personal mentoring class created just for you!

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