In-person mentoring, study and coaching with Dr. Richard Nongard (Private Study)

$2,400.00 $1,250.00

Meet with Dr. Richard Nongard and create personal and professional transformation.
Study with Richard for one day, two days. or three.
You will be visiting the Hypnosis Nevada LLC Clinic and seeing a thriving practice in action.
Would you like to overcome anything and everything that is holding you back from your greatest level of potential?
Call Richard at (918) 236-6116 to find out available dates for your personal mentoring/coaching.


How Far can YOU go with Personal Expert Mentoring/Coaching

Do you want to address your own issues and limits with hypnosis and get mentorship  in the Hypnosis Nevada Clinic with Dr. Richard Nongard?

Meet one-on-one with Dr. Richard Nongard for an private learning and self-discovery experience. This is a totally customizable time period where you can learn what is most important to you. As one of the most well established experts in hypnosis, Dr. Richard Nongard will guide you into activating your personal goals and learning the methods and techniques that can move you to an expert level of hypnosis. You will meet privately for coaching, teaching, hypnosis and/or training at the Hypnosis Nevada Clinic and spend time at the Hypnotic Palace Library in Las Vegas.

Call me at (918) 236-6116 or email and let’s talk about the dates you are available to come to Las Vegas for your mentorship opportunity!

Mentorship/coaching includes includes 7-10 hours of meeting time per day. You will meet at the Nevada Hypnosis Clinic and have access to his personal library of rare and unique hypnosis texts. Even texts autographed by Milton Erickson. This is a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere in Las Vegas, NV. You will also spend time in Richard’s home, with access to his library and resources at the Las Vegas Hypnotic Palace. (See note at bottom for international students.)

Your time can include business and practice development, beginner and advanced hypnosis and NLP methods, and you will learn the core strategies that have help Richard become of the worlds most recognized hypnosis educators. You can also address your own needs trough professional hypnosis and NLP sessions.

This is your chance to study and experience a thriving and successful private practice. You will see what I do both on the business and clinical side. You will be able to learn by actually seeing real sessions with real clients and you will raise you level of expertise through this experience. You can also experience hypnosis as the client, gaining control of issues or limitations that are important for you to address.

This private study intensive can transform you life on both a personal level and as a professional. Are you ready to make a change and step into success? This is your chance, call me today to reserve your time (918) 236-6116.

The best part? Enroll in a private study opportunity with Dr. Richard Nongard and the time practically pays for itself. You will have unlimited access for one year, to any new online learning programs released in that time period.  This alone is worth potentially thousands of dollars! But most importantly, in ensures your intensive learning time, is supported by the resources that can help you gain a real edge.

What is your goal? Do you want to master the techniques of Ericksonian or Contextual Hypnotherapy and be the best hypnotist in your market with results others are envious of?

Is your goal speed-trance and instant induction, and mastering hypnotic phenomena?

Do you want to have Richard do hypnosis with you, teaching you the deepest levels of self-hypnosis and personal empowerment and make your own brakethrough?

What is holding you back? In your coaching and training with Richard, you will be able to set aside any blocks that have kept you from rising to your highest level

Do you want to move towards product development, and create self-help hypnosis books people will buy, and perfect make perfect hypnosis recordings? You will have access to all of Richard’s personal equipment and resources during this time, and can leave with your first products ready to market. In fact, he will even show you step by step how to get them listed on Amazon and iTunes.   Imagine that, developing your expertise, creating your own scripts and products and leaving this intensive with the ability to actually sell your own work.


BRING A COLLEAGUE: If you want to bring a colleague, spouse, or hypnosis partner or friend to study with you, the second person can attend half price.

These are just some of the topics we can cover:

  • Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Contextual Hypnotherapy
  • Self-hypnosis and meditation
  • Coaching and hypnosis to remove your blocks to success
  • Hypnotic Phenomena
  • Stage Hypnosis
  • Business and practice development
  • Script writing
  • Product development
  • Marketing and social media
  • Listbuilding and sales
  • Private Practice structure, fees, and marketing
autogenic training certification

Investment:  $1250 for the first day, and you will have 7-10 hours of Richard's time during this three day period. You will be picked up at the airport if needed. Lodging and transportation is not included, but there are many nearby hotels on the Las Vegas strip. Rental cars, taxi and uber are inexpensive, and most likely Richard will drive you back to your hotel each night.

When you register, you will pay the first day now, and and we will talk about your needs and goals. Additional days can be booked so that your experience is two days or three days.  Additional days are at the rate of $1095 per day.  The balance is due 7 days before your scheduled study time and you will be invoiced.   You may pick any day or weekend that fits your schedule.  But please contact our office prior to registering to make sure the dates you prefer are available and Richard does not have other events scheduled during your preferred time.

Dr. Richard Nongard is the recipient of the IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association) "Lifetime Achievement" award. You will be studying by an expert, recognized internationally for his books, training's, contributions and unique techniques in clinical hypnosis.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:  Las Vegas in an international city, and you will find it a safe and luxurious place. However, Dr. Nongard will travel internationally for students who prefer to meet in their home country. Dr. Nongard has traveled to many countries, and will travel to you at no additional charge, other than airfare and lodging in your country. Lodging must be arranged at a 4-5 star international hotel brand, with a suite for conducting our meetings.  (These airfare and lodging fees will be pre-paid by international students who chose to bring Dr. Nongard to their home country.) International travel requires the purchase of premium economy+ or business class airfare, Dr. Nongard will not travel in regular economy class.