14 05, 2017

The ”Well-formed” Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Formula

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Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Formula: It is better to have posthypnotic suggestion, even if it’s not phrased as effectively as it could be, than to have no posthypnotic suggestion at all. I think that’s rule number one. But we can develop a depth to our posthypnotic suggestions by using a very specific formula. The Post-Hypnotic Suggestion [...]

10 05, 2017

*Proofs* That Medical Hypnosis Works [Free Video Training]

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I know a lot of you wish you were able to attend the 2017 Heartland Hypnosis Conference. Here is a video of my entire presentation. If you want a copy of the handouts, just visit this page. The video is my entire presentation, and unfortunately I am a better hypnotist than videographer . But [...]