When these three things happen to you, you will be an expert hypnotist!

I suppose I am an expert hypnotist. And you can be one too! I have been doing it for 30 years, and even have a lot of awards recognizing my accomplishments. But those are not the things that made me an expert. Somewhere between learning hypnosis in the late 1980s, and receiving the IMDHA Lifetime Achievement Award this Spring, a few things happened that helped me move from a practitioner of hypnosis, to the expert level.

The good news? These three things can happen to anyone, and like me, one day you will look back and realize you too an are expert hypnotist.

After I initially learned hypnosis, I began using hypnosis with clients. At first, I didn’t really have confidence, and maybe I even lacked the techniques to have broad applications of hypnosis – but I used it. And the clients I worked with found success.  As I used hypnosis, even in limited ways, people responded with positive feedback and that helped me develop confidence. The first thing that helped me to move to an expert level was developing confidence.


As I read more books, and took more classes in the 1990’s I mastered techniques that gave me a broad repertoire of strategies.  And soon, I found myself being able to intuitively match the right technique to the clients need.  In order to “memorize” all of these techniques, I used them, because by doing what I learned in a class or read in a book committed the process to my experiential memory.  The second thing that helped me move to an expert level was actually practicing the techniques I read about and learned.

A few years back I wrote a book about Mindfulness mediation. In that book I shared a story of how I found myself facing death in a boat in story waters in the South China Sea. In that moment, I found myself intuitively being mindful – I was literally doing for myself what I asked my clients in therapy to do.  That was back in 2008. Obviously, although the situation was pretty scary, I did not die and I ended up safe and sound. But I remember flying home from Asia and on the plane recalling my mis-adventure, and really owning the idea that I had moved from simply doing and teaching hypnosis to becoming intuitively mindful and hypnotic. The third thing that helped me move to an expert level was developing my own practice of self-hypnosis and mediation. The reality is, when we practice in our own life, what we ask our clients to do, the result is not only an improvement in our own life, but an ability to related these skills to clients in a way that has passion and meaning and conviction.

If you want to move to an expert level, come study with me in Las Vegas. Through my one-on-one mentorship classes, that can be scheduled anytime that works for you, I can guide you through developing confidence, expanding your hypnosis techniques, and developing your own potential for success.

In our Las Vegas Master Classes, you can study in a small group and get the practice you need, with the feedback that can really help you. The best part is, that in every Master Class, the students end up becoming peers, building lasting relationships that help you to move to the expert level with a support network for learning new ideas and practicing new techniques.

Call me at (918) 236-6116 and lets talk about how either the Experiential Master Classes or the one-on-one mentoring opportunities I offer can help take your hypnosis to the next level.  Or email me using the form below:

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Hi - I'm Dr. Richard Nongard, Certified Professional Hypnotist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I love teaching hypnosis and NLP and I have created tremendous learning resources for you right on this website. We use the same methods major universities use in online education, and I am always available to answer questions.