*Proofs* That Medical Hypnosis Works [Free Video Training]

I know a lot of you wish you were able to attend the 2017 Heartland Hypnosis Conference. Here is a video of my entire presentation. If you want a copy of the handouts, just visit this page.

The video is my entire presentation, and unfortunately I am a better hypnotist than videographer . But enjoy the information I share in this video – it can change your practice. When you know the what the research says, you learn that hypnosis is not an “alternative and complimentary therapy” but is a first line intervention supported by peer reviewed research.


You can take the ICBCH Medical Hypnosis Training Certification Program. This course is a three module training program. The first module is only $27 when you use this special link for my blog readers (usually $97).

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When you take the first module you will learn the skills of medical hypnosis that are based on research, and it will increase your confidence and help you generate medical referrals to your hypnosis practice.

The first module has high quality video demonstrations for each technique (it was recorded for online use, unlike this video which was just a camera in the back of the room). These videos will teach you step-by-step to easily duplicate the success I have had with my clients over the years.

The first module is in our online learning center now, and you can get full access right now to this program. By completing it you will earn approved CE hours, and you can chose if you want to, to continue on into the additional two modules and earn ICBCH certification in medical hypnosis.

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