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Join Dr. Richard Nongard at HTL 2018 in Las Vegas!

This is where you can register for Hypnothoughts Live pre- and post- conference events with Dr. Richard Nongard and get discounted registration on the main conference! Join me August 23, 24-26, and August 27, 2018 in Las Vegas!

August 23, 2018 (All-Day Event)
Speak Ericksonian:
How to get better results and increase referrals by duplicating the success of Milton Erickson

with Dr. Richard Nongard

August 24-26
3-Days of Hypnothoughts Live

August 27, 2018 (All-Day Event)
Mastering Hypnotic Phenomena: Creating Immersive Experiential Sessions
with Dr. Richard Nongard

I can even get you in to the pre- and post- conference virtually FREE!*

Register now at the early-bird rate for either, or both, of my pre- or post- conference days and the HTL convention. That is almost the same as free admission to the pre-or post- conference days with Dr. Richard Nongard! With what you save by using my link to the main conference registration! *Register for my pre-conference first, then follow the link I provide to the discounted $299 admission rate to the main conference.