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The ICBCH wants to be a part of educating the public, and educating professionals. You can have access to this free edition of our magazine even if you are not an ICBCH member. Of course, we do hope you choose to become a member of the ICBCH, and we have great professional benefits including liability coverage for hypnosits AND even a group health-care plan (optional vision and dental insurance) for our members.

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In this FREE 8o page issue:
01 … From the President’s Desk
06 … Unified Hypnosis by Christina Matthews, MS MA
LCPC CCHI, Editor in Chief
10 … Myth of the Resistant Client by Kelley T. Woods
15 … Hire Staff to Scale Up Your Hypnosis Business by
Jason Linett
18 … Don’t Go it Alone by Tracy Barrett Adams, CH.T.
23 … Bulletproof Motivation by Leonardo Silverio
27 … Rethinking Confusion by Graham Old
34 … Hypnosis: Evidence-Based Treatment for
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by Richard D.
Dama, LPC
43 … A Clinical Hypnotist in Stage Hypnotist’s
Clothing by Michael DeSchalit
47 … Is This Why Hypnotherapy REALLY Works? by
John Philip Machniak, LLPC
53 … Using Hypnosis to Improve Surgical Outcomes by
Matt DeWild RN, LMT, CPH, CHI
60 … I Already Did by Jeffrey Richards, CPH
65 … Hypnosis with Athletes by Joni Neidigh, LMHC
69 … Stop Smoking Script – 24 Hours after the last

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