What is Subliminal Science?

by Richard Nongard

What is Subliminal Science?

Subliminal literally means "below threshold" (sub = below, liminal = threshhold). What this means is that anything that is below the threshold, or level of our conscious awareness, is subliminal.

How are Subliminal Messages Used?

Auditory subliminal messages – affirmations, suggestions for positive change, etc – are recorded at a sound level that is just under the normal range of conscious hearing, but can still be intercepted and interpreted by the subconscious mind.

Visual subliminal messages are frequently used in print advertisements, such as magazine pictures with subtle shading of words or product pictures.

Do Subliminal Messages really work?

A lot of research says no, subliminal sounds and images do not work to affect change or action. However, since no definitive answer was yet discovered, in 1958 the practice of subliminal advertising was banned in the United Kingdom and Australia, and by American networks and the National Association of Broadcasters. Further, in 1973, FCC hearings resulted in a policy statement stating that subliminal advertising was "contrary to the public interest" and "intended to be deceptive." Subliminal advertising was also banned in Canada.

How to Subliminal Messages work in your CD or mp3 recordings?

Our Subliminal Science recordings work by layering a subliminal voice track of positive affirmations and suggestions for proactive change just under the normal range of hearing – and under a layer of normal hearing pleasing music.

When you play a Subliminal Science CD or mp3, it will begin with a vocal introduction explaining the process, and then all you will hear is lovely music to relax and enjoy, while your internal mind absorbs the new motivations for personal growth.

You will not be able to consciously hear the subliminal track, but your subconscious mind will receive and process the positive messages.

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