What if hypnosis was exciting?

Excitement in hypnosis often only exists in the minds of the participants. For the most part we speak to clients, and they speak to us, and we listen and observe them, and they listen to us. It’s always the same pattern.  Excitement come only from the thoughts and engagement, but rarely is there simulation of the visual experience, audio aspects of hypnosis or kinestetic experience, and this can lead to boring hypnosis. Boredom is not necessarily a bad thing – it is one of the easiest pathways to trance. And frankly, some of my highly stressed clients actually need boredom and enjoy boring tranquility after some of the stresses they have had.

But can hypnosis be more exciting? Can we make it multi-dimension? Can we take the basic convincers or explanations of hypnosis and the subconscious mind, and like a Hollywood movie engage a client at a deeper level?

I few years ago I created some text based hypnosis sessions that utilized eye fixation. And a few months ago I made a hypnosis session that is based on fast music and moving to a higher level rather than a deeper level, it’s worth checking out, and learning what a motivational hypnosis session looks like.

But now I have done something different, I have taken the basic pretalk elements and created Hollywood movies. For a client in an office, this could become an immersive experience, or even Virtual Reality hypnosis.  Instead of largely being an auditory process or a one dimensional conversation, these movies make hypnosis immersive with sight, sound, kinesthetics, and even on an emotional or metaphysical level – just like Hollywood.

What do you think?  Check out these videos and let me know your thoughts.  And I recommend making the screen full size and turning up the volume – after all, hypnosis does not have to be soft and quiet!

The bottom video might be my favorite…. Which do you like best?

Leave a comment below and let me know what your experience was watching these two videos.

Make Full Screen. High Volume.

Watch this to the end, you will be amazed!

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