The ”Well-formed” Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Formula

Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Formula: It is better to have posthypnotic suggestion, even if it’s not phrased as effectively as it could be, than to have no posthypnotic suggestion at all. I think that’s rule number one. But we can develop a depth to our posthypnotic suggestions by using a very specific formula.

The Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Formula is this:
Posthypnotic suggestion, given in a session, plus the resources ascribed to take the action, (acceptance) or (desire) or (identification) = equals a very specific outcome.

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What this means is that when we formulate a suggestion, that not only gives a direct command, but also provides a person with the resources to take action, and is congruent with what they would like to experience, their identity, their subconscious acceptance of it, or their desire to take action. We increase the likelihood of compliance with the suggestion. So, let me give you a couple very specific examples related to what I’ve already talked about and let’s develop this a little bit further.

Let’s go to stage hypnosis, just because it’s a very simple suggestion for all of us to understand. “The person I’m touching now, when you hear the color blue, when our show is over and you hear the color blue, you’ll immediately recognize that you are the world’s greatest Elvis Presley impersonator and come up to the stage and, you know, sing your Elvis Presley song.” So, that is an example of not a particularly well formed posthypnotic suggestion, but it is a posthypnotic suggestion. I told a person with a trigger in this case, a keyword, that they would take a very specific action. And even though that is a very simple, direct suggestion that doesn’t follow this formula, it will actually result in compliance 8 out of 10 times.

But if you’re a performer who wants to have an awesome show, and compliance 10 out of 10 times, there has to be depth in the posthypnotic suggestion. And so, Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Formulathe Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Formula is: “The person I’m touching now, when you hear the color blue, you will instantly realize that you are the world’s greatest Elvis Presley impersonator – adding the resource in here – and you know that you know how to play the air guitar better than anyone in the world, and you are the greatest singer on a microphone that has ever been on stage before, because you are the King, Elvis Presley.” Coupled with the desire to do this, right? “And you will come back to the stage and sing your heart out, because you know that it makes your fans very, very happy. And you love it when the audience cheers for you.” Now, because I have used this formula in my posthypnotic suggestion, that Elvis Presley impersonator is going to return to the stage with enthusiasm.

Even though most of us are not stage hypnotists, I wanted you to see what the formula was, and how a difference between simply a direct posthypnotic suggestion and one that follows this formula, really can be.

Clinical Hypnosis

So now, let’s go to clinical hypnosis and this posthypnotic suggestion: “When you go to the buffet, you’ll discover that it gives you an opportunity to choose one of many healthy food choices in the correct portion, giving you control, and helping you to lose weight.”  And that’s a posthypnotic suggestion. But again, it doesn’t follow this formula, so while people will take action on that direct suggestion, when we add the elements of the formula to it, we create depth. And when we create depth, we create an increased level of compliance, and in the case of the clinical hypnosis session where a person is trying to lose weight, we create rapid weight loss, which results by the way, in increased referrals to you, greater levels of client satisfaction and increased confidence.

Let’s take that same posthypnotic suggestion and couple it with the Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Formula. “So, when you find yourself at a buffet, rather than using it as an opportunity to prove that you can get all of your money’s worth, choose to see it as an opportunity to make one of many healthy food choices in the correct portion for you.” We’re adding in the resource. “You can do this confidently, because we’ve studied here in our sessions the elements of choosing nutrient-dense foods.” Coupled with, acceptance, desire and identification. “And because using the ANDI-scores to choose nutrient-dense foods is part of who you have now become, you will find the buffet is no longer something you need to feel anxiety or avoid, but something you can embrace as helping you to reach your goals forever.”

Do you notice the difference between the depth of the posthypnotic suggestion and the simple suggestion of a stereotypical stage hypnotist or a clinical hypnotist using weight loss? This formula, posthypnotic suggestion coupled with the resources that we’ve given our client during other elements of our sessions, coupled with their acceptance, desire, or identification with the outcome, equals greater success for your clients and greater confidence for you.

My new course on post-hypnotic suggestions really give you the resources to do hypnosis with confidence. Check it out, right here. it will teach you how to master the right Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Formula for the work that you do.

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