Two things we know about hypnosis and the New Year

We know that January is the month for resolutions to make change, and that prospective clients are going to be searching google to ways to stop smoking, lose weight, create better habits and step into success. The good news is that hypnosis will be suggested by writers ranging from blogs posts to mainstream journalism. And usually a few big name TV shows pick up on the hypnosis theme for the New year.

The second thing we know, is that there is no better time to build a practice and attract new clients than the New Year. Are you ready to build a thriving private practice in 2018? Hypnotists who focus on learning how to market a hypnosis practice and create a specialty niche, will be at the head of the pack.  You will be discovered in google results by people looking for your services and you will be starting your own New Year with success.

Perhaps you spent the 2017 studying and have not been seeing clients yet. I created a course just for you called a Quick Start Guide to Private Practice Success. It even tells you what fees to charge and how to find a decent office that won’t break the bank.

Do you want to know how to attract your next 5 clients? This is the marketing course that can jump-start your New Year.

What do you want to accomplish this New Year? I am focusing on my hypnosis recordings. Do you make hypnosis recordings? If you don’t, I can show you how to get started with your home computer and have them selling on Amazon and iTunes by the end of this week!

This past year I have opened by new clinic in Las Vegas. I have been seeing clients and doing training in our new conference center. But I still enjoy seeing clients online and this year you can begin getting hypnosis clients from anywhere in the world who will meet with you online, even if you don’t have an office.

Speaking of my new office – I want you to come study with me!  I have several small classes designed for personal attention and mentoring coming up. Do you want to go to a training in a big hotel conference room with a trainer who may or may not actually see clients?  Or would you rather come to a real clinic where real clients are being seen and learn Medical Hypnotherapy from someone who is actually doing the work?  Join me in Las Vegas for our next live training at Hypnosis Nevada, LLC.

Happy New Year!

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