How to Write Your Own Hypnosis Scripts

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I want you to become an expert at writing your own scripts and this course will show you how to do it and give you the templates and resources to make them good!

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How to Write Your Own Highly Effective Hypnosis Scripts


When you learn how to write your own scripts you are always ready for your client – and able to cover everything in a session that they came to you for.  When you learn to write effective scripts, you can also publish them (I wrote a couple bestselling script books) and you are able to create flawless hypnosis recordings. Many people sell these on Amazon, iTunes and other websites.

Would you like to have my template for creating effective hypnosis scripts you can use in sessions, recordings and use your own words to create success at every level?

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A Comprehensive Training Course

This course consists of two video presentations teaching the structure, the elements and the most effective way to prepare for a session or write a script for your own hypnosis recordings.


  • Video: Two comprehensive video training modules (downloadable for later viewing) (Value $47)
  • Bonus:  I am making downloadable MP3’s of the materials, so you can download the audio and listen in a car, on a plane, train or anywhere you listen to audio lectures. The video can be viewed at anytime online or as a download.
  • Bonus: A PDF script generating template, so you can use the same format I use to create exceptional hypnosis scripts. (Value $12.95)
  • Bonus: A complete inductions and suggestive therapy script. (Value $12.95)

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to use scripts in a professional setting.
  • How to create universal scripts for multiple learning styles.
  • How to structure a script so you sound like a pro, and not like a 3rd grader in reading class.
  • How to improve your hypnotic suggestions by scripting them in 3-D.
  • How to never forget what is important to your clients.
  • I’ll even show you how to sell scripts you write.
  • Did you notice the pink elephant in the video above?  I will teach you how to construct metaphors and use them in subconscious reprogramming. The pink Elephant was used in two metaphors – and it served a very valuable hypnotic purpose you will learn in this course.

This is one of those courses that virtually pays for itself with content and resources that help you succeed.

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