Understanding and Treating Substance Abuse in Counseling and Hypnotherapy




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This DVD set is the complete 5 Hour program presented by Richard Nongard at the Fall 2011 Seattle Hypnosis Conference.

Hypnosis Skills for Every Therapist: Ending the Cycle of Addiction with Richard Nongard, LMFT

Awards 5 Hours Approved CEU Credit

In this one-day workshop you will learn from one of the nation’s foremost addictions experts methods for ending the cycle of addiction, stopping compulsive behavior and control physical withdrawal. Even if you have n experience using hypnosis, you can integrate these hypnotic methods into traditional counseling and treatment.

Consider these statistics:

  • One of every eight Americans has a significant problem with alcohol or drugs, with 40 percent of the group having a “dual diagnosis,” or concurrent mental/nervous disorder;
  • Approximately 27 million Americans either use illicit drugs regularly or are “heavy drinkers.” Of these almost 16 million are estimated to need immediate treatment;
  • An untreated alcoholic’s medical costs are approximately 300 percent higher than non-alcoholic’s medical costs;
  • Approximately 70 percent of illegal drug users are employed and contribute significantly to workplace absenteeism, accidents and injuries, decreased productivity, increased insurance expenses, employee turnover costs and on-the-job violence;
  • The estimated annual direct cost to our society resulting from substance abuse is more than 250 billion dollars 

And these headlines from peer reviewed journals:

81% Reported They Had Stopped Smoking After Hypnosis (Texas A&M University)

Significantly More Methadone Addicts Quit with Hypnosis. 94% Remained Narcotic Free (American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis)

Hypnosis shows a 77 percent success rate for at least a 1-year follow-up (American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis)

Hypnosis  is a successful method to treat addictions. (American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis)

You can earn 5 Hours of Approved Continuing Education and learn specific methods for relapse prevention, detoxification and behavioral change by getting the DVD set from the fall 2011 Seattle Counseling and Hypnotherapy Conference with Richard Nongard.

This DVD course contains all of the hypnotic scripts, DVD lectures, notes and assessment tools included in the workshop.  Even if you missed this event in Seattle, you can learn the methods of effective addiction treatment, and how to use hypnotherapy in addiction recovery.

Addiction is effectively halted using methods of clinical hypnosis. They say “nicotine is as addictive as heroin” and the research shows hypnosis is one of the most effective treatments for nicotine dependency. One has to wonder then why hypnosis is not more widely used in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, and in the addiction to food, gambling and other addictions?

In this seminar, professionals will learn both how to integrate hypnosis into other treatment modalities, including 12-step work and how to use hypnosis as a primary intervention apart from other treatment programs. This seminar is designed for those new to hypnosis or new to addictions treatment and will give you skillsets gleaned from Richard Nongard’s 25 year career in both professional hypnotherapy and professional counseling.

This set will teach Professionals to:

  • Define addictions and complete accurate assessments of client condition
  • Know the difference between physical addiction symptoms and behavioral addictions and compulsions
  • Stop the cycle of addiction by integrating both hypnotic techniques and NLP patterns into traditional addiction treatment and as the primary intervention
  • Understand how to integrate hypnosis into treatment plans the stop nicotine dependency, addiction to obesogens, and drug and alcohol abuse.

You will learn the top reasons for relapse and create effective post-hypnotic suggestions to minimize risk.

You will learn how Richard offers a three-session protocol for nicotine dependency that is both highly successful for clients and profitable for therapists. You will practice intervention strategies that address the behavioral, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of recovery.

This workshop will open doors to you professionally and equip you to help clients with a variety of addictions find recovery even if they have failed at traditional treatment or 12-step programs. You can consider this workshop an essential toolkit helping you to become the best therapist possible in the area of addictions treatment.

DVD set includes handout and exam to recieve 5 hours of approved hypnotherapy, social work, LPC, LMFT or Addiction Counselng CEU hours.  NAADAC and NBCC Approved.    www.FastCEUs.com/approvals