Time Distortion in Hypnosis: PDF Scripts and both Downloadable & Streaming Video (90 minutes)

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90 minutes of training for the Expert Hypnotist and those who wish to become experts.


Time distortion is such an important strategy in clinical hypnosis that Milton Erickson, M.D. even wrote an entire book on the subject in 1954. But what do you really know about his experiments and the value of time distortion?

Are you, and your clients, benefiting from Dr. Milton Erickson’s research into time distortion?

Time distortion creates a state where accelerated mental activity appears possible, where 30 minutes of experience can be created in 3 seconds. It is the ultimate in experiential theater. The possibilities for improving personal performance are endless with skills in time distortion.

Do you want to know the language patterns Erickson used to elicit time distortion?

Do you want to experience time distortion like Erickson’s patients did?

In this class I will guide you through the same experiments Dr. Linn Copper and Dr. Milton Erickson used to evaluate the possibilities time distortion in hypnosis can unlock. You will get to experience time distortion. You will get printable scripts using the language patterns of Dr. Milton Erickson and you will have profound new skills you can use to create personal power in your own life, or to promote healing among clients in clinical hypnotherapy.

Download: We will make the full presentation available as both a streaming video and downloadable MP4 to those who are registered.