The Self-Hypnosis Resource Program




Self-Hypnosis Training Class

Is it possible to really create deep trance states in auto-hypnosis that are capable of transforming personal experience?

Can self-hypnosis beak habits and be used to access hidden resources?

The answer is yes!

I even meet hypnotists, who hypnotize others but report they have never felt the power of hypnosis in their own life.   There is no better way to become a better hypnotist that to master the art of self-hypnosis. There is perhaps, no better way to access your full potential than harnessing the power of self-hypnosis.

FIVE Downloadable .mp3 sessions

FIVE Complete scripts you can use as a training tool or with clients

FIVE Resource videos teaching the techniques of self-hypnosis


These are the Five Sessions:

Session 1:  Auto-induction and trance utilization. The techniques I teach clients are among the most effective I know, and you will be taught to utilize deep states of self-hypnosis in the first session.

Session 2:  Emotional Intelligence and self-hypnosis. Create joy, happiness and connection and develop a strong emotional foundation for healthy interpersonal interactions.

Session 3:  Inner confidence.  This session focuses on creating a confident resource state you can use any time and in every aspect of life. These skills will serve as a foundation for success, taking your life to the the next level of peak performance.

Session 4:  The gift of NOW.  This session includes a bonus .mp3 teaching you the fundamental skills of mindfulness.  The hypnosis training focuses on shifting awareness and creating valuable resource states. You will take the strategies from this session and apply them in every aspect of your personal success.

Session 5:  The ultimate hypnosis session. This is a session I have written for you to benefit directly from and to share with others. It will help you tap into the strengths you possesses, some which you may not yet be aware of, to overcome any difficulty and maximize your personal well-being. I teach this to every client in my office, and they find it among the most useful things they can do.  You will learn this process and benefit in your own life.

This course is about YOU! It will teach you self-hypnosis and how to improve your life using a planned practice of self-hypnosis. You will be able to share these ideas more effectively with others and confidently share with others the benefit hypnosis has been in your own life.

If you are a professional hypnotist, it will give you a new level of understanding and experience and help you become the resource to your clients that you want to be.

If you are not a hypnotist, these are powerful techniques you can master. Five weeks of practice, will give you a lifetime of personal benefit.

The structure of this course is unique:  It is five weeks of practice which is all self-paced.  Everything is pre-recorded, you can watch the resource videos at any time, you can download the .mp3 files and print the scripts.  The course is self-paced, you can utilize the materials at anytime and from anywhere. You can join this class and complete the work on your own schedule.