The Herbal Alternative by Ziad Sawi, MD (250 page eBook download format)

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 Learn How the Herbal Alternative Can Save Your Health

The Herbal Alternative

Exposing the Money-Making Pharmaceutical Industry and Opting for the Herbal Alternative by Ziad Sawi, M.D.

 Reveals the Secrets of Home Made Herbal Remedies.

The Herbal Alternative: Exposing the Money-Making Pharmaceutical Industry and Opting for the Herbal Alternative by Dr. Ziad Sawi, just published, is the ideal guide for anyone sick of modern medicine. If you are fed up with frequent trips to the doctor and an array of pills for minor ailments, Dr. Sawi’s book is the prescription you need to become empowered to tackle those minor ailments at home with natural, herbal remedies.

An anesthesiologist, Dr. Sawi genuinely respects the power of modern medicine to treat major illnesses and injuries, and he has an insider’s view of its shortcomings as well. The Herbal Alternative is not a rant about the flaws of the medical system or the serious problems posed by the pharmaceutical industry, but a pragmatic guide for those who want to take charge of their own health by treating minor ailments naturally.

Getting Practical with Herbal Healing

The strength of The Herbal Alternative is its practicality. The book is packed with simple and clear instructions for preparing a range of herbal remedies to treat most common, minor maladies require some form of treatment, but do not really need a doctor’s assistance or prescription drugs. If you already know you are interested in using herbs for your health but are not confident about how to start, Sawi’s new book is just the thing.  “I wanted this to be a guide for ordinary people to take control of their health,” Sawi explained. “You don’t have to be a gardener or into New Age beliefs to heal yourself with herbs; you just need some practical instructions.”

In The Herbal Alternative, Dr. Sawi covers every detail from growing your own herb garden and the basics of preparing tinctures and infusions to detailed recipes for specific remedies to understanding when to use herbal remedies and when to go to the doctor. He is clear about his philosophy and the dangers of overusing prescriptions, but at its heart, this is a detailed and pragmatic guide to preparing and using simple, natural herbal remedies to treat the common, everyday ailments that really do not need pharmaceuticals.

Anyone who is tired of feeling overwhelmed, overmedicated and overcharged by the medical and pharmaceutical industry will truly appreciate this handy guide. The Herbal

Alternative: Exposing the Money-Making Pharmaceutical Industry and Opting for the Herbal Alternative by Dr. Ziad Sawi is available at

About the Author

Dr. Ziad Sawi graduated from medical school in Poznan, Poland in 1998 and then went on to do his anesthesia residency at George Washington University in Washington, DC. He did his pediatric anesthesia fellowship at the Children’s National Medical Center, also in Washington, DC, and now practices in Las Vegas, Nevada as a board-certified anesthesiologist. 

Contents:  The Herbal Alternative by Ziad Sawi, M.D.

Introduction: Herbal Medicine.9

Chapter 1: Exposing the State of Medicine Today.13

The Medical Industrial Complex.15

Kickbacks and Brand Promotion.16

Advertising and Listening to Your Doctor.18

The Big Business of Drugs.20

The Difference Between Herbal and Pharmaceutical Medicines.21

Choosing to Treat Yourself with Herbs.23

Chapter 2: Understanding Herbal Medicine.27

What Is Herbal Medicine?.29

Herbal Medicine vs.Traditional Medicine.30

Medicinal Herbs and How to Use Them.32

The Oldest Medicine in the World.33

Why Herbal Is Better Than Chemical.35

When Traditional Medicine Is Better.37

Chapter 3: Growing Your Own Herb Garden.41

Which Herbs to Grow in Your Garden.43

Gardening and Harvesting.45

Drying, Garbling, and Storing Your Herbs.46

Herbal Medicine Equipment.48

Extracting the Essence of the Herbs.49

Different Types of Herbal Medicine.51

Chapter 4: Common Herbal Medicine Preparations.55

Flower Essences, Infusions, and Decoctions.57

Distillation and Tincturing.58

Glycerin, Wine, Oil, and Vinegar Infusions.60

Balms, Salves, and Ointments.62

Lotions, Creams, and Jellies.63

Poultices, Syrups, and Honey.65

Chapter 5: Curing Common Ailments with Herbs – Part I.69

Treating Diabetes with Herbal Medicine.71

Treating Liver Disease with Herbs.73

Treating Autoimmune Disease with Herbs.75

Treating Gout with Herbal Medicine.76

Treating Prostatic Hypertrophy with Herbs.78

Treating Arthritis with Herbs.80

Chapter 6: Curing Common Ailments with Herbs – Part II.85

Curing Athletes Foot with Herbs.87

Treating Bladder Problems with Herbs.88

Treating Asthma with Specific Herbs.90

Lowering Blood Pressure with Herbs.92

Chest Infections and Bronchitis.94

Curing Cold Sores with Herbs .96

Chapter 7: Curing Common Ailments with Herbs – Part III.99

Treating Stomach Cramps with Herbs.101

Curing Earache with Herbs.103

Reducing Fever with Herbal Medicine.105

Gastric Ulcers and Gastritis.106

Curing Piles and Indigestion.108

Treating Impotence in Men.110

Chapter 8: Curing Common Ailments with Herbs – Part IV.113

Curing IBS with Herbs.115

Treating Jaundice with Herbal Medicine.117

Treating Kidney Stones with Herbs.118

Treating Menopause Symptoms with Herbs.120

Curing Painful Menstruation with Herbal Medicine.122

Treating Muscle Aches and Spasms.124

Chapter 9: Curing Common Ailments with Herbs – Part V.127

Curing Nasal Congestion with Herbs…………………129

Treating Osteoporosis with Herbal Medicine.131

Treating Pain with Herbs.133

Curing Anxiety and Panic Attacks with Herbs.134

Treating Pneumonia with Herbal Medicine.136

Treating Prostate Problems with Herbs.138

Chapter 10: Curing Common Ailments with Herbs – Part VI.141

Treating Psoriasis with Herbs.143

Treating Rheumatism with Herbs.145

Curing Sinus and Post Nasal Drip Problems.147

Proper Treatment of Sore Throats.148

Treating Thrush with Herbs………………………..150

Curing Insomnia with Herbal Medicine.152

Chapter 11: Curing Common Ailments with Herbs – Part VII.155

Treating Tonsillitis with Herbs.157

Curing Vomiting with Herbs.159

Curing Shingles with Herbal Medicine.162

Improving Memory with Herbs.164

Treating Parasites with Herbs.166

Chapter 12: Herbs to Treat Broad Ailments.169

Antiseptic Herbs.171

Antiviral Herbs.172

Antispasmodic Herbs.174

Anti-Inflammatory Herbs.176

Antibiotic Herbs.178

Antibacterial Herbs.180

Chapter 13: Herbal Supplements for Good Health.183

Immune System Boosters.185

Natural Herbs for Weight Loss.186

Herbs to Improve Brain Function.188

Herbs That Improve Your Digestive System.190

Herbs That Reduce Daily Stress .191

Daily Herbs You Should Be Taking.193

Chapter 14: The Limitations of Herbal Medicine.197

When to Use Herbal Treatments.199

Where to Go to Get Herbal Treatment.200

Five Rules When Making and Treating Yourself.202

Using Preventative Herb Treatments.204

When Should You Seek Traditional Medical Treatment?.206

The Balance Between Natural and Traditional Treatment.208

Chapter 15: Choosing to Use Natural Antibiotics.211

What Traditional Antibiotics Do to Your Body.213

Treating Disease with Herbal Antibiotics.214

Systematic and Nonsystematic: Herbal Medication.216

Why a Strong Immune System Is Essential.218

10 Herbs That Fight Infection, Disease, and Illness.220

What to Keep in Your Pantry at All Times.221


Glossary of Herbs .229


About the Author.249