Seven Session IBS Relief Series

$59.00 $27.00

Experience amazing relief and benefits for anyone suffering from IBS by learning powerful self-hypnosis technqiues.


Hypnosis for the relief of gastrointestinal distress.

At $27 for the whole package, that means each audio session and each script is about $3.85. You have virtually no risk in discovering the rewards of this program.

A program based on the Manchester Approach, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and other empirically validated interventions for IBS.

aapreIn these audio sessions you will learn self-hypnosis techniques that will help you or your clients:

  • Find relief from distressing symptoms.
  • Live life to its fullest.
  • Manage syndrome-related stress with guided visualizations.

This package contains 7 recorded MP3’s you can download and a training video you can use at your own pace. The covered technqiues are:

  • Mindfulness Stress Reduction and Self-Hypnosis
  • Gut Directed Hypnotherapy (Manchester Approach)
  • Manchester Approach Visualization for IBS
  • River Metaphor (Manchester Approach)
  • Mindful Body Scan Practice
  • Directing Attention
  • Self-Hypnosis & Mindfulness Practice

The Manchester Approach alone is worth the price of this comprehensive program. This is the approach university researchers have discovered to be highly effective. You can listen to the full audio session, and access the full transcript.


*This audio pack includes transcribed scripts for each audio program and is suitable for other hypnotherapists to use within their own practice and with clients. This material is ICBCH certified.

Note: This content is not meant as a substitute for professional medical attention.  Please consult with your physician to rule out any physical or mental complications or for the diagnosis and prevention of illness. Do not listen while driving or operating potentially dangerous machinery.