Step-by-Step Guide to Sport Performance Hypnosis – ICBCH Certificate of Achievement



A Step-by-Step Guide to:

Sports Performance Hypnosis

(3 hours – 2 full length videos)

In 2006 I opened the Tulsa Hypnosis Center and it happened to be across the street from the golf course hosting the US Open.    I wanted to tap into this opportunity, and built the business my first year, by developing my skills in sports performance hypnosis and marketing this niche.  Although I was on the golf team in college for one semester, I am not a natural athlete, and I do not follow any major sports.   Yet I was able to advertise on a local sports station and work with individuals, teams and athletes from a variety of sports and build both a reputation for success and my appointment schedule was full.

In this two-part online learning experience, I am going to teach you, what you need to know to do effective hypnosis with athletes.  I will teach you how to help people develop focus, increase their mental game and achieve results that can help your clients reach the apex of their sport.  Clients will win after you work with them.

I will also teach you, how you can do what I did, and create a name for yourself as an expert in this niche, and build a profitable business.  Working with athletes is fun.  They are rarely resistant, many are familiar with hypnosis because of its widespread use in sports and the olympics, and when they come back after winning the big event, they are grateful and send you referrals.

In this two part webinar I will teach you:

1.)     The single most important rapport building language pattern you can use, even if you are like me, and do not follow or play any sports.

2.)    I will teach you how an effective hypnosis session, can teach athletes specific skills they can use in any situation.

3.)    Performance anxiety is  big part of sport performance – you will know how to master dealing with this issue.

4.)    You will learn how to help athletes who have been injured or traumatized return to a pre-injury level of play.

5.)    You will know how you can market yourself in this niche, advertise effectively and keep clients flowing in your doors with sports hypnosis

This course will focus on practical skills.  It is assumed participants have already taken some form of basic hypnosis training program and understand the basic processes of hypnosis. This webinar will emphasize techniques for success and you will get printable scripts, resources and more.



Team Sports like Basketball and Baseball

Shooting Sports

Heck, these skills can even help someone become a

World Champion of Poker!

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