• Step-By-Step Guide to Effective Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions (6 hours - 4 Full Length Videos)

Step-By-Step Guide to Effective Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss:

A Step-By-Step Guide to Effective Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions.

Learning how to do effective weight-loss hypnotherapy is one of the easiest ways to build a profitable all-cash private practice.

You will get printed scripts, resources and more! Earn both 6 hours of CE credit and a frameable ICBCH Certificate of Achievement in Weight Loss Hypnosis

This is the same structure Dr. Richard Nongard uses with his weight loss clients in hypnosis. You will know how to conduct multi-session interventions from the first through the final session, using the same methods

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Four Different Printable Scripts

Learn a strategy for hypnotic weight loss that can help you lose weight, and help your clients lose weight. Therapists who are experts in weight loss hypnosis are therapists who build thriving hypnosis practice offices and attract new clients.

In this online class you will learn:

  1. How to structure 6 session treatment plans clients will pay for in advance
  2. How to instill hope in the first session and build success in the initial meeting.
  3. How to help clients achieve goals by adding to their choices rather than taking away
  4. The most successful strategy for increasing activity and exercise
  5. How to overcome negative emotional blocks to success
  6. How to structure each session from start to finish
  7. How to market and build referrals based on successful outcomes
  8. How to structure hypnotic suggestions so they “stick”.
  9. How to use a variety of approaches, not just one, based on client need.
  10. How to market programs to medical professionals and build a practice promoting health

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Current Research

You will learn about current research in hypnosis, like mindfulness, contextual hypnotherapy, direct suggestion and use of metaphor and solutions-focused brief hypnotherapy. You will learn how to adapt to your individual clients needs, and how to be an effective hypnotist, using the most talked about methods in our profession.

Forms and Assessment Tools

Participants will receive copies of the same forms and assessment tools Richard Nongard uses with his clients. This online interactive webinar will be pre-recorded, with video-on-demand available to those who cannot attend any of the webinar dates. Video will be recorded in HD for the internet and available for unlimited online access for those who miss any or all dates.