Speed-Trance and Instant Hypnosis Induction – 5 Hours

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More than 5 hours of step-by-step instruction.


Literally, 100’s of thousands of people have watched us do instant hypnosis inductions in under 7 seconds.

Now you can learn how exactly what we know and use Speedtrance safely and effectively!

In 2007 Richard Nongard and John Cerbone revolutionized hypnosis with the creation of the original Speedtrance DVD series.   Classes in Las Vegas, Manchester U.K. and  several other cities were sold out or at standing room only.

But that was an era before everyone worldwide had the ability to stream high-quality video on demand….

Today you have an opportunity, to learn hypnosis from two masters who have worked together for years and developed techniques that are on the cutting edge of hypnotic technique.

You can learn to hypnotize someone in 7 seconds, and we can teach you how to do this.

We have done it on stage for thousands of people from Las Vegas to the Atlantic Coast, and in the office to create transformational clinical hypnosis sessions. There is perhaps, no more powerful way to demonstrate the power of hypnosis in clinical settings than with Speedtrance!

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Instant Access. Videos, Scripts and Downloads.
Professionally filmed 5 Hour Training Event

In this online learning course you will learn:

  • The Cerbone Butterfly induction and how to hypnotize someone in 7 seconds.
  • You will Nongard’s technique for “Gentle” Speedtrance (Perfect for clinical sessions in an office)
  • You will learn how to use instant induction in clinical hypnosis 
  • You will learn powerful strategies and ideas for public demonstrations of hypnotic power
  • You will learn “Blink” the one-second induction not taught by Cerbone & Nongard together since 2007 in Manchester, U.K.
  • You will learn how to prove to a client they were hypnotized on stage or in a clinical setting.
  • You will learn when Speedtrance is the most effective way to induce trance and the safety considerations of such a powerful technique
  • You will learn a new way to create excitement in hypnosis performances on stage or in public demonstrations
  • You will learn from experts who have hypnotized thousands of people 
Speedtrance 2.0 How to do instant and rapid inductions

Instant hypnotic induction is not only possible, it is an essential skill to master.   Richard will explain how it has had a powerful impact in clinical hypnosis – revolutionizing the response in smoking cessation and other clinical sessions, and John will share with you the art of stage performance.

Full video archive of our live Dallas seminar! Watch from anywhere in the world.   This was professionally recorded and is high-quality HD online streaming video. Are you ready to watch now? Click below to add it to your cart and watch it today!

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