Self-Hypnosis Experience & Techniques

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This all new course is $27 ONLY if you are one of the first 100 people to register today! Get these videos and the downloadable audio so that you can master self-hypnosis for lasting change and subconscious reprogramming of your thoughts and actions!


Self-Hypnosis Experience & Techniques

When you master self-hypnosis, you master hypnosis!
C. Roy Hunter, MS, and Dr. Richard Nongard

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In our online learning center you will access four videos and a downloadable MP3 that can change your life!

C. Roy Hunter, MS. CHt. literally wrote the book on self-hypnosis, and with Dr. Richard Nongard co-teaching this course, you will have over 65 years of combined experience guiding you into self-hypnosis and helping you create new outcomes, new opportunities, new emotions, and new behaviors.

In these four videos and with the downloadable audio, you will learn how Richard used self-hypnosis to overcome a fear of flying and become a world traveler. Roy will share how he used self-hypnosis for chronic pain control. But the good news is that you will learn what it took them a combined 65 years to learn the hard way (back then there was no internet to learn from) and go directly to the techniques that can change your life! What is most important to you? Health? Changing patterns (weight control or stop smoking), finding motivation or finally getting your to-do list and New Year’s resolutions done? Register today and  start succeeding today!

Are you a professional? When you master self-hypnosis you are a more effective hypnotherapist.

Are you ready to step into a new chapter of life with health, abundance, and relief from to help you take control?

Here is what you will experience:

Video 1:  The Power of Self-Hypnosis

Video 2: How to Enter Self-Hypnosis

Video 3: The Experience of Self-Hypnosis

Video 4: Powerful Words for Change

Each video has been created with the online learner in mind, and the video can be viewed on our webpage or downloaded. Each video is 11-20 minutes long.

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Downloadable Audio
Practice Sessions

C. Roy Hunter, MS, CHt. is the author of many books that are considered classics in clinical hypnosis. He is the worlds leading expert in Parts Therapy, and he is the author of,  The Art of Hypnotherapy and Master the Power of Self-Hypnosis.

Dr. Richard Nongard is the author of Medical Hypnotherapy, and numerous other books teaching the skills of clinical hypnosis. Is is a leading educator, known internationally.

You can experience self-hypnosis, and this course will teach you exactly how to benefit from the techniques Richard and Roy have been using with clients, and in their own lives, in 65 years of combined experience. Self-hypnosis will help you find health and healing, it can help you find now motivations and change behaviors and self-hypnosis unlocks that which is holding you back and can help you move forward and into success in any area of life.

Self-Hypnosis Experience & Techniques

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