Scale-Up Your Practice: Foolproof Methods for Attracting Premium Clients

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Learn How To Increase Rates, Attract New Clients, and Scale-Up Your Success.
These are the exact same methods Jason & Richard have used in their hypnosis business to build success.


Attract new Clients in Hypnosis!
And learn how to scale-up to from low rate single sessions to better-paying opportunities.

Recorded Live with Jason Linett & Dr. Richard Nongard

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What are the five levels of success as a hypnotherapist, and how can you level-up your practice the same way other successful hypnotists have?

There are three learning modules in this online series. You will get instant access 24/7 worldwide to all course contents, and you will get the transcripts for the compelte event. You can use these to study anywhere and build a thriving private practice. Over three hours of real-world solutions.

Are you new to seeing clients?  Or are you at the point where you are creating a niche and focusing on specific issues?
Or have you moved to offering programs with a broad base that pays more money?

**Would you like to move into a concierge practice with high paying clients?**

In just the first 100 minutes of this three-part resource, you will learn exactly how to move from one level to the next. Many hypnotists know exactly how to help clients live to their greatest potential – but those same hypnotists are missing out on their own potential.

Part one continues with Jason Linett sharing how the right elevator pitch makes all the difference in success and tells you exactly how his explanation of hypnosis creates a powerful response and attracts new clients. Part one ends with Jason sharing strategy for getting great promotional material and positioning yourself for success.

Part two continues with Jason sharing the importance of knowing why we are in business and how personal change can be used to share with more people.  Jason will help you strategize how to work with those things that excite you, and Richard shares how fees can be structured.

The third session shares ways to do high dollar coaching. It shares ideas for evolving a practice and developing a mindset of a program. You will learn what a USP is, and why you MUST have one, and the mechanism for scaling up your sales process.


Do you want to make more money and attract new clients? In this complete training program, you will know the answers.

This learning experience is a resource created at a recent live training event in Las Vegas.  The participants raved about its value, and we are making the video AND the transcripts available worldwide.  Do you want the skills they are using, even if you were not able to join us?  Instant access, downloadable video, downloadable transcripts, and real answers for scaling-up your private practice.

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