Royalty-Free Music for Hypnosis (5 Hours)


Five One-Hour Tracks, 3 with embedded binaural files, and 2 calming files without embedded binaurals. No copyright issues, and high-quality sound tracks based on the science of healing and music.
– Use these royalty-free tracks to make your commercial recordings for sale


Royalty-Free Professional Hypnosis Background Music
5 One-hour Sound Files for Sessions and Making Recordings

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Relaxing music. No copyright issues. Based on the science of music and created by a mental health counselor and licensed psychologist who are both clinical hypnotherapists. Instant access downloaded mp3 files.

Larry Neidigh, Ph.D. is a licensed psycholgist and Joni Neidigh is a licensed mental health counselor. Both are well versed in both music and clinical hypnotherapy, meditation and relaxation. These sound files were created by experts, so that your recording are the very best they can be.

Thes are the background tracks you can use to create subliminal recordings, hypnosis and guided meditation recordings and even use in your face-to-face therapy sessions.

Are you ready to create your own broadcast quality hypnosis recordings? This is the right music to use. In this resource set there are 5 complete background track mp3 files, each about one hour in length. Use this if you want a professional sound with proven results.

Three files with embedded binaural sound files. The first three track have relaxing music and embedded gamma, alpha and beta tones. Additionally, you will be provided a link to create your own binaural files and you can edit in any specific additional tones you want! Imagine being able to create exactly what you want by using these files as your base.

Copyright concerns? These are original recordings produced by Larry and Joni. By purchasing, you are granted a license to use these with or without attribution in your recordings. Now you can publish without fear of legal consequences or rejection from iTunes or Amazon.

Two “naked” tracks. There are two non-binaural files. You can leave then naked, or embed any other files you want including heartbeats, breath sounds, or your own custom binaural sound files. Two different sounds, two complete hours of music you can use.

This resource will virtually pay for itself with your first product sales!

The best part? These files sound great!
Continuous files, so clients are not bothered by interruptions at the traditions 3-5 increment mark as with most music albums.

Watch the video on the right. Do you want to produce tracks as good as this one? Imagine your own voice on top of these files. Your clients are going to live the end result.

**This is a digital download – no CD’s will be mailed. You will have instant access.**

Watch this video to hear samples of all 5 tracks!

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Created by Dr. Larry Neidigh and Joni Neidigh, LMCH!

With an understanding of both music and mental resource states and professional hypnosis, Larry and Joni have created an incredible resource you can use. these recordings are ideal for either making your own recordings that you can distribute commercially or even for your own personal benefit.   Get full access right now!