Quick Start Guide to Private Practice Success

$29.00 $27.00


Logo for nongard1_kk_300X300When I have a new hypnosis client, I collect about $500 in the very first session.

Do you want to bypass the 25 years of trial-by-error I had to go through, and find out exactly what has helped me build a private practice?

A Quick Start Guide to help you open the doors of success to your private practice

  • THIS IS THE FULL 90-MINUTE TRAINING NOT JUST THE HIGHLIGHTS!There are four 20+ minute videos, over 90 minutes of real world information. When you purchase the entire program for $27.00 you will get full access to this series. You don’t want to miss anything that can help you, do you?

These are some of the topics covered:

  • How to get a domain name that brings automatic visitors to your webpage
  • Should you be a corporation of an LLC?
  • Getting an office
  • How to develop personal satisfaction in private practice
  • Using your strengths to create success
  • Negotiating with office leasing agents
  • Picking office furniture and a sound system
  • The best piece of office equipment your clients will love
  • How to set fees
  • Getting to the top of Google results
  • Getting social media engagement
  • Three session packages people pre-pay for

And many other strategies and techniques you will need to know to experience success….

The best $27 you can spend:

You are going to spend more than $27 just buying wall decorations for your new office. A decent dinner might cost $27.  In fact, you can view purchasing this course as having dinner with me. And the end result of course, is that you will be able to afford all the dinners you can eat with what you make in your successful and profitable private practice.