Personality Types & Personality Transformation in Hypnotherapy

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In this six-module course in our online learning center, you will master personality transformation. It is not the “ISE” or bad willpower that is keeping people from making lasting change. Discover what really works! You will get scripts, see demonstrations, and master the deepest levels of hypnotic transformation. Register now to get the special list rate. Scroll down for details!


Personality Types and Transformation

There are three essential truths about personality:

  • Everyone has one.
  • It can be our greatest enemy or our greatest asset.
  • Lasting transformation comes from personality change.

It is not just lack of willpower that is holding clients back, sometimes it is personality! In many cases – it is their core difficulty. Do you know how to use hypnosis to make lasting change at the deepest levels?


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10 Hours of CE Credit from H.P.T.I. and I.C.B.C.H. for clinical hypnosis. 

Of all of the continuing education workshops you will ever take, this one is by far the most interesting. And the most practical. When you complete this online training program in Personality Types, Personal Transformation and Hypnotherapy you will have changed yourself – and you will have the keys to unlock change in the clients that you work with. I will provide printable hypnosis scripts, personality assessment tools you can use with clients, and show you how to structure sessions to give clients what they need the most – lasting personality changes at the deepest levels.

The result of this transformation is you will be more prepared to deal with resistant and difficult clients, your success rate will increase, and you will have mastered in your own life the techniques that change lives.

You don’t think clients can’t make change just because they lack willpower or didn’t find the ISE do you? Sometimes its deeper than that – something they were born with! Professionally, I began working with personality dynamics in 1991 while working on an inpatient psychiatric unit. I conducted my first training on personality disorders in 1994, and I have been unlocking the keys to personality transformation ever since in my private practice.  You are going to get the shortcut to success because I am going to share exactly what I have learned in these past three decades.

I want to share five things with you that you won’t find in any other hypnotherapy training course that I am aware of:

  • You will get access to a normed and validated personality test that you will use for self-discovery and that you can administer to clients without having to pay testing fees. Not only will you save money, but you will have a shortcut in your assessment process that can uncover the big picture problems clients often hide.
  • You will master how the Enneagram, DSM Personality Disorders, Briggs-Meyers, and the Five-Factor Personalities can be used in hypnosis, but more importantly, how to go beyond their limitations and create actual change in personality structure using hypnotherapy.
  • You will uncover how subconscious resources can be developed and used, from an Ericksonian perspective. This means you will have the tools for deep transformation and lasting personality change spelled out and demonstrated so that you can replicate the results of renowned leaders in personal transformation.
  • How to overcome resistance at every level and break-through with clients who to this point, have not created lasting change.
  • You will learn the 6-Facet Hypno Strategy for Higher Consciousness that can literally end struggles with addiction, gluttony, fear, low self-esteem and motivation.
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It all begins with instant access to a short intoductory video and instant access to a normed personality test you can take right now online.

What kind of clients do you struggle with most? Are they addicted clients, chronic smokers, obese or depressed and anxious clients that seem to find no solutions no matter how much therapy or medication they have? Do you work with pain control clients who have become their pain? Do you help people who need confidence and need to seize the moment to move forward? These are clients you can help with the techniques demonstrated in this class.

Imagine being able to end those struggles by developing a new approach based on personality transformation. You may be the last hope many clients have, and by taking this training, you will have the resources to make a difference.

This course is more than 110% practical. Everything in this course is focused on strategy and action, and creating solutions based on your client’s strengths – even if to this point they have been unable to tap into them.

You will have a powerful key for creating real transformation – and the course you are about to register for is based on what the research and case studies actually show to be highly effective.

This course has meaning for you and your own personal journey  – and meaningful solutions you can share with your clients.

Do you want the strategies that change personality and create abundant living?  The strategies that foster healthy interpersonal relationships, and the strategies that help people finally feel a sense of freedom in everyday living.

Do you want to create lasting change, to make hypnosis last forever, and to help both you and your clients step into a new reality? This course will starts with your own personality assessment, and goes beyond the Enneagram, DSM, Briggs-Meyers and Pop-Psychology explanations and gives you the techniques for real and lasting personality change.

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