Peak Performance: Excellence Through Hypnosis


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Peak Performance Hypnosis

Online Learning Course and Three Complete Hypnosis Scripts

with Richard Nongard and Roger Moore

A $75 value for only $7 if you register today.  Yes, only $7

This course is a cheat sheet for creating excellence!

We have each spent over 25 years helping clients achieve excellence and peak performance. And when we started, we had to learn how to motivate clients through trial-and-error.  There were no courses teaching how to use hypnosis to tap into the unconscious reservoir of success and become a top athlete, star student or how to use hypnosis to activate wealth, and create success in almost any area of life when we started, but you are the beneficiary of our experience and we want to share our techniques and our scripts with you.

This online learning course will teach you what we have each learned over the past 25 years. You will learn specific processes and suggestions that empower clients to succeed.  We are not talking just about problem solving here, but rather, ways to help people step into their highest level of potential.  We will use both sports and academic performance as examples, but we will go far beyond this in this one day web class. 

We will show you:

  • How to use visualization and future pacing to achieve maximum success
  • How to use the NLP Excellence Pattern in hypnosis or self-hypnosis
  • How to write affirmation for hypnosis that you can use in self-hypnosis or with clients
  • How to apply hypnosis for peak performance to everything from financial success to sports or academics.
  • We will teach you how to be excellent, by helping others become excellent

You will leave this web class a little more excellent and heading toward your own goals. And you will know ho w to help others, using powerful peak performance strategies.

Attend live and you can ask us questions and get answers in our online learning center.  Watch the replay if you cannot attend live, but either way, you will also get three printable PDF scripts and you will know how to achieve excellence through hypnosis in your own life, and use hypnosis to help others reach the top!  These are full length hypnosis scripts, usually $12.95 each on our webpage.

Register today, there are limited spots due to bandwidth considerations, and we will see you August 4 in our online learning center.

You are getting:

  • 90 Minute replay of our live  webcast ($39. Value)
  • Printable Sport Performance Script  ($12 Value)
  • Printable Academic Performance Script  ($12 Value)
  • Printable Ultimate Hypnosis Session Script ($12 Value)

You will get full access, the replay and the scripts for only $7.    Register today.

Those who pre-register will have full access to the video archive of this event and will be able to watch it at any time, even if you cannot make it live.