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What do you want to accomplish most?

Meet with Dr. Richard Nongard, for an online hypnosis session.
He is recognized international expert in clinical hypnosis.

Dr. Nongard was honored by the IMDHA with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his recognized expertise and contributions to the profession of hypnosis.  When you meet with Dr. Richard Nongard, you are working with a recognized expert.

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Let’s work together!

I want to help you accomplish your dreams, overcome difficulties and step into a new freedom using the techniques of professional hypnosis. Are you ready to step into a new future, and put behind you that which has been holding you back?

Online Hypnosis Sessions

Meeting on Skype or other similar services give you the same level of attention, and the same methods of hypnosis that I provide to people in my office. The only real difference is that you can be anywhere in the world and still meet with me.  I have helped people on every continent, and probably in every state via online hypnosis. People schedule appointments with me to reach peak performance in academics, sports, and business. I can help you change habits, change your thinking and replace lifelong self-defeating patterns with new actions that make you feel good.

How it works:

The process is simple. Once you register for your first session, you can call my office at (918) 236-6116 or email [email protected] and we will set a time to meet. Although we will have to coordinate time zones (I live in Las Vegas in the Pacific Time Zone) it should be easy to meet since I see people day and night. We will echange Skype ID (or if we use I will provide a link) and we will then meet at the agreed upon time. Is this urgent? Sometimes same day appointments are available! Unless I am traveling or teaching, I can usually make time for you, even on a moments notice. Budget about 75 minutes of time for our first session. 

Then, just as if you were visiting my office, we will talk about you needs and establish goals. We will then do a formal process of hypnosis, which is a safe and comfortable process of relaxation couples with specific hypnotic suggestions that will help you reach your goals. Hypnosis feels great, and although you will be relaxed, you will never be asleep or unconscious. When our session concludes, I will provide you with resources and self-hypnosis practice sessions to reinforce the changes you have made.

Follow-up sessions

For many people, one session can be life-changing. My goal is always solution focused hypnosis. However, many people wish ongoing coaching and additional sessions to further their accomplishments. For some issues, such as long term weight loss, chronic anxiety or to support medical treatments with complimentary hypnosis techniques, 3-6 sessions might be preferred. For established online hypnosis session clients, successive sessions are $189 per session (typically 45-50 minutes).

I saw Richard online to help me with my fear of flying. His session lasted about 90 minutes. We met on a Tuesday and I flew on Friday, and the whole flight was joyful and wonderful. I wish I had seen Richard earlier because now I have a new freedom to do the things I really want to.


Peak Performance
Adult Test-Taking (Vocational & Academic)
Sports Performance
Personal Achievement Goals
Stress  and Anxiety
Medical Hypnotherapy
Addiction Recovery Solutions
Lasting Weight Loss
Fears and Phobias


Are you ready to feel your best again?

You have an opportunity to make the changes you have always wanted to make. Take advantage of you ability to meet with Dr. Richard Nongard for anywhere in the world with online hypnosis sessions. This is where you can register and schedule your first session:

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