The One Technique: Proven Methods of Autogenic Hypnosis


INSTANT ACCESS to the practice session, the 8 core videos (including two powerful demonstration videos) and the replay from our live online course.


Do you know the one hypnotic technique that takes a session from just “feeling good” to replacing problems with solutions?

Do you use this technique in self-hypnosis or with clients in professional hypnosis?

Hypnotic Phenomena

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Last week I got a call for a medical doctor who was working with a difficult weight loss client.  I asked her, “Are you using the one technique that can replace hunger with fullness? And the one technique that can replace fat with thin?”

This one technique, by the way, is this same one technique I have used to replace pain with endurance in pain control clients, and the same technique that has replaced fear with security for my anxious clients.

The best part?  This one technique is proven to work! And it can work with any issue!

I find it odd that while many hypnotists understand autogenic training and use it in hypnosis, they never go beyond the basic techniques that simply create new physical sensation. Mastering this one technique can bring hope, squash resistance, and build your reputation.

It seems, nobody is teaching people how to apply this to changing emotions, and changing behaviors and moving beyond physical sensations to cellular healing. I want yo to learn the methods the research proves really works, and that from my own experiences have changed lives.

To really replace

  • Fat with Thin
  • Fear with Confidenceautogenic training certification
  • Anxiety with Security
  • Overdrawn to Abundance
  • And just about anything else.

10 Downloadable Videos:

  • 20-minute Practice Video
  • Unlimited Potential
  • Moving Beyond Basic Autogenics
  • Demonstration for the Viewers
  • Demonstration with Client (1)
  • Demonstration with Client (2)
  • Wealth Mindset Creation
  • Spiritual Security
  • Autogenic Schedule
  • Replay of our live online class

What do you want to replace?  Take this course and I will show you the one most powerful technique for activating this change.

I have been practicing autogenic training as a part of effective hypnosis since the late 1980’s and I want to save you endless hours of googling and watching pointless videos that never go beyond the original techniques offered in 1932 when autogenic training was developed, and I am going to share with you the one hypnotic technique that activates the full potential of creating from within. I am going to share with you the protocol that takes autogenic training to the next level. This is the technique I have used in almost all of my hypnosis sessions for 30 years!

You will master the one technique that you can move hypnosis from “relaxotherapy” to a powerful system of activating change using direct suggestion, autogenic training and powerful affirmations

Do you want to go through this course with a group of other professionals, and learn from their experiences?  Do you want to be able to ask me questions and learn from my 30 years of trail-and-error in using this one technique?

The is one way to get this information and master this one technique that will take you and your hypnosis results to the next level.

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There are eight videos – each one teaching you the one technique and how to apply it in self-hypnosis, with clients in professional hypnosis, and how to activate your highest level of potential. There is a one hour replay of a live session we held when the course was created.

Everything is downloadable – and the webinar will be recorded for those who cannot attend live –