The NLP Pathways Seminar- September 23-25 Las Vegas

$1,295.00 $895.00

Join Will Horton, Psy.D. and Dr.Richard Nongard at Hypnosis Nevada, LLC 
Limited to 15 participants, the first 6 to register save $400.
September 23-25, 2019.  You will earn an ICBCH Specialty Certificate in Applied NLP  for attending


Do you want to address serious change using NLP in professional hypnosis?
Learn how to do NLP inductions, NLP techniques, and NLP conversational hypnosis

** Hands-on Training in September 2019 with Will Horton, Psy.D. and Dr. Richard Nongard **

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Three Equal Monthly Payments ($100 Extra)

Dr. Will Horton is an expert in addiction, an expert in NLP and a licensed psychologist. What you will be learning are the techniques and applications of NLP that produce rapid and lasting change.

 Dr. Richard Nongard is a professional hypnotist and NLP expert who literally wrote the book on Ericksonian language patterns and NLP. If you want to master NLP, you want to learn from an expert who is doing the real work of NLP and professional hypnosis. The reason? When you go home and use the strategies, you will be able to duplicate the success of experts with recognized success rates. 

Richard and Will are international experts in NLP. You will be learning from the best.  You will also earn a specialty Certificate of Achivement from H.P.T.I.  (Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute) in Transformative NLP and recognition from the NFNLP.

Your success is our focus. Class size is limited. We want to provide you with specific solutions, and give you the opportunity to have your specific needs addressed. We will help you brainstorm, create a plan, and leave with the resources for success. You will be able to guide your clients through multiple NLP patterns, access new reseource states and create lasting change!

Imagine easily integrating NLP into your hypnosis sessions…

You will be able to begin each session not just with a pre-talk, but with conversational hypnosis.

You will master the 7 essential NLP patterns every professional hypnotist should have in their repertoire.

You will be able to do instant inductions, pattern interrupts, and utilize every modality of NLP.

The sessions you conduct will be flexible, based on client need, and address real-world issues like addiction, anger & depression, behavioral and lifestyle change, and accessing higher-resource states of peak performance.

…You will be a better hypnotist with faster results!

Join Dr. Richard Nongard and Will Horton, Psy.D. in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada September 23-25, 2019 for a rare opportunity to transform your life personally, professionally and financially. The best part? We are giving you professional training manuals, with resources, scripts and patters you can use with your clients.

We are going to give you the right resources to do the best job with clients. We do not have a gimmick or a patented program to sell you. We have the research that shows what really works best, and we are going to give you the research, the scripts, the videos, and the tools you need to create a successful path as a professional hypnotist using NLP. The result will be better outcomes, happier clients, and more referrals.

  • NLP Skills is a 3-day live personal and professional development and empowerment training experience based on the principles of NLP. You will immediately be able to scale-up your success with these types of clients:
  • Addiction Clients
  • Emotionally Stuck Clients
  • Athletes and Executive Seeking Peak Performance
  • Hypnotherapy Clients
  • Fearful and Phobic Clients
  • and many others!

Professional learning materials. You will leave this class with real resources so that you can structure each session for maximum success. We will give you the forms we use, the assessment tools we use and share freely with you the techniques, structure and step-by-step “how to’s” of professional NLP. You will know exactly what to do in each session, from the first session to the last session.

You will see powerful demonstrations, and have the opportunity to have Richard & Will work with you personally to overcome anything either known or unknown keeping you for moving to an expert level. This class is limited to 15 people so we can dedicate the time to address YOUR specific needs.

Master NLP Language The Easy Way and Make Your Sessions Better!

You will leave this class well prepared and you will master:

  •  The Seven Essential NLP Patterns for Professional Hypnosis!
  • Step-by-Step protocals for NLP change work
  • The 6 Frame Reframe for Creating Life Alternative (Great for helping addition!)
  • NLP based induction strategies
  • The pattern interrupt that always smashes through resistance with any client

If you’ve been looking for the skills, techniques, and strategies to shift your mind, transform your life and grow your business, this live NLP rclass is the place to be.

The best part? Richard and Will don’t just teach and go. We limit class size to give personal attention, and attending this course is just the beginning, we will provide ongoing resources and investment in your success.

Find your success in Las Vegas!

$1,295.00 $895.00Add to cart

Three Equal Monthly Payments ($100 Extra)

Will Horton, Psy.D. and Dr. Richard Nongard

Dr. Will Horton was one of the few non-law enforcement people to be asked to attend the FBI Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Course at the FBI academy. He is the author of the books, “Mind Control, How To Get Other To Do What You Want”,  “Primary Objective- Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Guerrilla Warfare” and Co-author of The “New Psychology of Sales”Subconscious Communication, the Key to Success”, and  “Fat Loss Forever, a 12 Step Approach to Weight Loss”.  His courses and workbooks have won acclaim for their easy-to-understand format. His articles are considered a must-read in the field of hypnosis and psychology. Dr. Horton’s passion for this technology comes from personal experience. He has a Black Belt in Karate and has won tournaments and been published in Martial Arts Journals. 

Dr.  Richard Nongard is the author of the Speak Ericksonian training program. Ericksonian hypnosis is what much of NLP is founded upon. You will not only be learning from two recognized experts in the field of professional hypnosis, but you will also be getting multiple perspectives and multiple methods for creating your own unique approach based on the science of what actually works. 

Join is in Las Vegas and master the methods that produce lasting transformation
— Limited to no more than 15 participants  —

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Three Equal Monthly Payments ($100 Extra)


Classes will be held in the Hypnosis Nevada, LLC and H.P.T.I. Learning Center
This is minutes away from the Las Vegas strip, and right down the street from the Orleans Hotel and Casino.


September 23, 2019: Monday night we will have a meet and greet and powerful demonstration from 6pm-9pm. We will set the agenda and start your success.
September 24-25, 2019: 10:00am-6:00pm (Tuesday & Wednesday)

I want you to call me if you have questions about this course. Call me at (702) 488-9640. But more importantly, I want you to have a spot at this course. The first 6 who register will get the super-early bird registration price of $895, saving $400

Location: This event will be held at the Hypnosis Nevada, LLC Conference Center in Las Vegas. You will see Richard’s office, where he sees clients and learn in the environment where hypnosis is actually done! There is no online access for this course. The course will run from Monday and Wednesday. The dates are September 23-25, 2019

Refunds: If you request a refund 45 days prior to the event, you may retain full credit by moving to one of our other courses on a different date. If you do not choose to apply your refund to a future course date, we will refund your money within 45 days of your request – minus a $200 administrative fee.  If you cancel with less than 44 days, there will be no refund, but you may apply your full tuition to a future course (online or in-person) within the next 36 months.

LOCATION: This event will be held at the Hypnosis Nevada LLC offices at

6787 W Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89103

HOTELS and TRANSPORTATION:  We are super close to The Orleans Hotel, and all of the hotels on the South end of Las Vegas Blvd. But Ubers, taxis and rental cars are cheap, so stay anywhere you want to. There are lots of hotel deals in town. There are also two non-gaming resorts less than 4 minutes from the office. They are even closer than the Orleans. They are very reasonably priced: Club De Soleil All-Suite Resort and Tahiti All-Suite Resort.

The Orleans Hotel and Casino is a landmark hotel in Las Vegas. It is conveniently located near the south end of Las Vegas Blvd. but just off the strip at 4500 W Tropicana Ave. We have secured discounted hotel rooms. For Reservations call (800) 675-3267 or Register online at and use group code: ZHYP19. The Group name is: Hypnosis Nevada, LLC. All lodging expenses are the responsibility of the attendee and are not included in conference registration/tuition fees.

*We do and will provide transportation to and from only the Orleans Hotel and Casino free of charge.*

TIME: Class will be held on Monday September 23 from 6:00pm-9:00pm and then Tuesday & Wednesday from 10:00am-6:00pm September 23-25, 2019. Meals are not included. There are many nearby places for meals. We will end at 5:00pm on the last day.

TRAVEL: I am a Las Vegas resident. I have stayed at virtually every Las Vegas hotel at one time or another. I have also flown literally hundreds of times in the LAS McCarran Airport. If you have any questions about logistics, call me and I will help you. The best place to find cheap flights is: