Mindfulness Meditation Training Class (an 8-Week Experience in Self-Discovery)



Mindfulness Meditation Techniques for Healing

The easiest way to learn how to help others, is to help yourself. This online class will teach you how to use and apply Mindfulness Meditation to your own life, helping you to create a centered and positive outlook on life – and learn the methods research shows really matter.

An Eight-Week Program. Although we are a few weeks into the practice, you can still register and join.  You will get instant access to all of the previous sessions in our archive center.

Start your new year with new skills and giving yourself, the best holiday present you can. Schedule listed below

Our first class will be about and hour.  Each of the other classes are about 25-30 minutes, with daily practice resources provided.

In each of these eight weekly classes, you will practice a develop a new approach and learn a new method of meditation and self-hypnosis.  You will be assigned a weekly assignment, and you will have a chance to ask questions and interact with others in our online forum.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn, the methods that clinical research shows to be effective tools for personal satisfaction and physical health.

A complete script for each meditation technique will be provided, and you will also receive bonus .mp3 files to help you master the material.

In this course you will learn:

1.)   How to develop a daily practice of mindfulness meditation

2.)  How to create effective self-suggestions and affirmation

3.)  You will learn the methods universities find reduce stress, lower blood pressure and promote health

4.)  You will have a group to be accountable to and meet people who care about you

5.) You will learn both a secular approach to the benefits of meditation and how to address your metaphysical needs through hypnosis.

6.)  You will learn specific methods, and experience, a variety of meditation techniques

In our first session we will meet for about one hour.  Each successive session is about 30-40 minutes. You will find that by completing the daily practice sesssions (usually 5-10 minutes per day) you will master the same techniques used by successful leaders worldwide.

Transform your life.  Take control of your own stress, fears and uncertainty. Control you phsyical condition and maximize your health.   This course will take you to the next level of achivement through self-realization.

This course will cover:

Mindfulness Meditation

Mantra and Tratak Meditation

Scripture and Sacred Texts

Secular Techniques for Meditation

Loving-Kindness Meditation



Breathwork and Relaxation Techniques

Many other strategies for making your own life, a better life to live



Each Wednesday night, beginning December 12 at 8:00pm Dallas Time Zone. Our last class will be January 30, 2013.  You will begin the year doing something wonerful for yourself.

It is NOT too late to join.   If you have missed classes, you can join us where we are.  You will instantly also have access to the archived previous classes.

(This will be Thursdays at 1:00pm in Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

(This will be Thursday at 2:00am in London, UK)

All courses are recorded, if you miss any sessions you will have access to the replay, immediatly after the scheduled event.  You will be able to ask questions and chat during the real-time broadcasts.  You may participate in our forum and ask questions 24/7 during the week in our online forum.

They say in each of our lives, when we are old, we will look back at all of our life, and see the 100 days that defined us.  The key of course, it recognize these not in retrospect, but as they happen.  That is what mindfulness does. Mindfulness is thekey to making sure we never miss what is important.