Mindfulness and Hypnosis: How to Revolutionize Your Changework –(Complete 6 Hour Video Training Program)



Mindfulness and Hypnosis:  How to Revolutionize Your Changework

6 Hours of Approved CEU Credit for Hypnotherapists & Mental Health Professionals


Mindfulness and Hypnosis:   A Strategy for Revolutionizing Your Changework 


Both Richard and Roger teach almost every client who they treat, a core strategy for mindful living and integrate these resources into effective hypnotic induction, suggestion and change work.   Mindfulness is a strategy for helping clients live fully in the present, despite traumatic past events or future uncertainty.   Mindfulness is a meditation strategy, that can become a core component of how we teach clients self-hypnosis.    It can be a strategy for ending impulsivity, judgment and self-defeating behaviors.   If you work with weight loss clients, nicotine withdrawal, anxiety  management of pain control, you will want to take this workshop.   

In this workshop you will learn:

1.)      How mindfulness mediation can be used as a highly effective tool for hypnotic induction

2.)    You will learn how to train your clients in mindfulness as a problem-solving tool

3.)    You will learn methods and techniques for using mindfulness in hypnosis with obese clients, addicted clients and a variety of other clients.

4.)    You will learn why mindfulness is considered one of the most effective tools for pain control- and we will provide you with the research to back this up.

5.)    You will learn an 8 stage model of structuring individual and group hypnosis sessions that can both help clients make lasting change and help you create a profitable practice.

6.)    You will learn the single best tool, for getting corporate stress management training opportunities, and bringing hypnotherapy to new and diverse audiences


Watch 24/7 in our Video-On-Demand Center

Every participant who registers, for either the live event or webcast event, will also gain free access to our 24/7 video archive of each day.    You will get the full video, from start to finish, 6 hours from each day.   Although it will take us up to ten days after this event to make the online video available, you will have unlimited access to it for a full-year, and can watch the entire training event on your own time.  We will also provide you with access to our interactive forum, where you can ask questions and get answers even though you are not watching this event live.