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The Methods of Contextual Hypnotherapy

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Contextual Hypnotherapy, is the future of hypnosis.  Contextual hypnotherapy draws from evidenced-based methods of helping people make change.   Michael Yapko just released a new book, Mindfulness and Hypnosis, that explored some of the key concepts of this new approach to hypnotherapy.  Richard Nongard, has been on the forefront of creating a model for integrating components of ACT therapy, mindfulness, relational frame theory and contextual psychology that works for hypnotherapists.   In this webinar you will uncover the future of hypnotherapy, but more importantly, you will be able to use these strategies immediately in your practice.

You may have heard the term contextual hypnotherapy, and you may be wondering how you can use these core concepts as a hypnotist.  You will learn how to move from a model that tries to fix what is wrong, to a strength-based model focused on the present.   Contextual hypnotherapy moves us from the Freudian idea of regression, to a future orientation that solves problems in a new way, a way that integrates ancient wisdom with modern psychological research.


In this FREE webinar I will teach you:

  1. The core concepts of integrating mindfulness based cognitive therapy into hypnotherapy.
  2. I will teach you the core components of ACT Therapy and how this model of problem solving is essential knowledge for hypnotists.
  3. I will teach you how to move clients forward, without lengthy sessions trying to “resolve” a past – that most likely will never be resolved anyway.
  4. I will teach you three ways you can begin working with clients immediately using the techniques of contextual hypnotherapy.
  5. You will receive access to a free .mp3 you can freely share with clients


The research is in.  The methods of contextual psychology are helpful with clients recovering from medical problems like cancer or chronic pain.   Clients with social anxiety benefit from these methods.   Addicted clients find solutions in this new approach.   As a hypnotherapist, you have a remarkable tool to utilize these methods of evidenced-based treatment to benefit a wide variety of clients.

Join us for FREE.  Learn new tools that can help you help others.   Find out exactly how convenient and easy our new webinar software is to use.   Nobody is offering an online educational opportunity as simple and advanced as Richard Nongard at  


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