Medical Hypnosis Module 2 and 3



Module Two (and Three) – Professional Medical Hypnosis Training

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What would if mean to you, if your level of skill was at the expert level?
When you take module two of the ICBCH Medical Hypnosis Certification program, you will be amazed at your results!

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Do you want to help clients maximize health through hypnosis? Would you like to take control of your own health issues? This comprehensive training program, focuses on specific disorders and health problems that hypnosis is proven to help.

This course focuses of six very specific areas where hypnosis has proven efficacy. It will focus on giving you the skills to help others, and help yourself in these areas:

  • Auto-Immune Disorders
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Circulatory Issues
  • Diabetes
  • Pediatric Hypnosis
  • Emergency Hypnosis

6 Training Videos

These training videos take your skill level to an expert level. You will understand how hypnosis can be beneficial for specific presenting problems, how you can get more referrals by developing expertise with specific conditions, and you will know what the research says. The videos come with an all new PDF, with even more research than we provided in module 1, which covers the medical conditions outlines in these videos.

6 Techniques Videos

It’s great to talk about hypnosis, but people learn best by seeing processed demonstrated. You will see each technique modeled and learn by even being able to follow along. The results will be a new depth in your understanding, and even your own health and wellness achieved.

6 Downloadable MP3 Hypnosis Sessions

You can personally benefit from these recordings, and you can learn by hearing complete medical hypnosis session. But you also get permission to share these resources with your clients, so that you will have the right tools for working with medical clients in professional hypnosis.

6 Printable Hypnosis Scripts

Having the right resources for real clients is essential. As one of the bestselling script authors on Amazon, and in the world of hypnosis, my scripts are known for being comprehensive, unique and practical. You can easily take these printable scripts into sessions with you, and adapt them to the clients you are working with.

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By completing all three modules you earn ICBCH certification as a Professional Medical Hypnotist.

(Third module begins February 27, 2017)

Module three will include: Advanced methods of hypnosis, dermatology, sports injury, orthopedic care, stroke, allergy, and other conditions.

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