Speedtrance Instant & Rapid Hypnosis Training in Las Vegas

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Friday and Saturday May 29-30, 2020
Class size limited to 15 People – Register now to reserve your spot – This class will sell out!

Speedtrance – Rapid and Instant Hypnosis Inductions – with John Cerbone & Richard Nongard
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The Most Effective Rapid Induction
Master the skills that change your success!

Do you ever have client that want to “feel” hypnotized? Wowwing them is the best convincer!

Speedtrance instant inductions are a proven method in any form of hypnosis, from clinical hypnosis to stage hypnosis, to elicit instant success. Wow them on stage, use this skill to manage crisis response hypnosis, or as a tool in clinical hypnosis to get straight to the heart of your work. 

It has been over a decade since John Cerbone and Richard Nongard popularized reapid and instant speedtrance inductions. By attending this class you will be learning from the co-creators of this movement, and you will learn every aspect of instant and rapid induction. Safety trainning, endless clinical hypnosis applications, demonstration and impromtue hypnosis and even stage hypnosis.

Imagine a client who comes in for a second session that says they were not sure if they were hypnotized, or that they want to “feel” hypnotized to know it will “stick.” Speedtrance is a solution. Imagin opening a stage hypnosis show tih 500 people in the audience, and doing instant inductions an wowing the audeince.  The applications are endless and we have real-world results in every siutation form the office to the state and we will share these with you.

  • The famous “Cerbone Butterfly” Induction
  • Skills for crisis response
  • Stage Hypnosis
  • Mutiple forms of rapid induction
  • Practice time with leading experts John Cerbone and Richard Nongard
  • Session optimizing suggestions based on speedtrance inductions
We wil cover every aspect of instant and rapid inductions, including safety, methods that work, applications in clinical and stage hypnosis

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Three Equal Payments

Experience a Breakthrough in YOUR SKILL and get the confidence you need  in Las Vegas

Discount Hotel Rooms, and Cheap Flights Make this an Amazing Opportunity

We will show you step-by-step how to do instant and rapid inductions.
Two days of experiential training with leading experts. You will leave here knowing how to get response, create lasting and powerful hypnotic suggestion, and master multiple methods of speedtrance.

You will learn the structure of change – it will help you with new clients in hypnosis and take your confidence to new levels. Speedtranceis a proven method, and you will be learning in my office where I see clients and master the techniques I actually use.
Are you in? Right now you can get the early-bird registration rate of $695 (saving $300) and you can even split it into easy monthly payments between now and the class! (Early-Bird rate limited to the first 8 to register!)

AFTER THIS TRAINING, You will know….

* The RIGHT Ways to Market Hypnotic Expertise so that you can Multiply your reach to help others on a MASSIVE scale!

* How New Techniques Will Equal BIG RESULTS for YOU!


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Dr. Richard K. Nongard: I am an established thought-leader in clinical hypnotherapy. With many of the bestselling books and training programs to my credit, you can be assured you will be learning from a recognized professional who does the real work of professional hypnosis.

You will learn exactly how I transformed my private practice by offering unique services self-paying clients are actually seeking out!

John Cerbone: John is one of the most prolific creators in professional hypnosis. He is the architect of Speed-trance hypnotic inductions. You will be learning from an innovator and creator. He is an award winning stage hypnotist, and the author of numerous best-selling books on clinical hypnotherapy.

Limited Class Size – This course is limited to 15 people so that I can focus on your goals and your specific needs. The class is experiential, and you will see complete start to finish speedtrance inductions, and learn the exact techniques that we  actually use. More importantly, these are techniques that can enhance your clinical hypnosis, your impromtu hypnosis and WOW an audience in stage hypnosis.

You will Get PROFESSIONAL Training Resources.  Included in your registration are we will GIVE you access to our original 2007 DVD (in an online streaming format) that popularized the whole arena of rapid and instant inductions.

Hypnotherapy Applications: By mastering instand and rapid inductions you are enhancing clinical hypnosis. Get to the heart of issues, demonstrate hypnotic phenomena, and have the confidence to work quickly and powerfully. We will also share crisis repsonse and emergecny hypnosis applications of Speed-Trance!

The Catelpsy Breakthrough Technqiue! Learn how to move from an instand induction to a repid protocal for releasing any and all negativity, stuck subconsious thoughts, and elimitate self-defeating behaviors, emotions, and habits.

Stage and Deminstration Hypnosis: Do you do stage work or demonstrate hypnosis in classes, corporate events, or other places? Do you want the technqiue that will put you ahead of everyone else? Imagine starting your show or your demonstration with audience members who are hypnotized in 7 seconds! That will blow them away and set the stage for your standing ovation, and get you more bookings.

Hypnosis Nevada, LLC – Minutes from the Las Vegas Strip
Convenient location in an professional office center with transportation provided to and from The Gold Coast Hotel and Casino and the Rio Casino and Hotel.
Do you have questions?  Call us at (702) 418-3332 and we will walk you through any questions, buying flights, getting a room and being in this class.

Special Access to Online Training
In addition to our Las Vegas intensive, you will be given instant access to our original Speedtrance DVD (now online as a streaming resource) if you are one of the first eight people to register for this event! Addicitonally, we will provide you with an online learning portal where you can learn other hypnotic inductions that are practical and useful in stage, clinical, and impromptu hypnoisis.

You are going to ge all of this!  You are going to get access to the online speedtrance trianing, access to a learning portal with many other inductions and scripts. And ll of these:

  • REFRAME: The Magazine for Professional Hypnotists (Get a free copy when you come to our office!)
  • Hands-on personalized training from real recognized experts
  • Specific answer to your questions about stage and clinical hypnosis
  • Ongoing support and mentorship after the event

Everything we teach in this course will be actionable and step-by-step. You will have the names of the places to contact and the resources to do it. If you think your expertise is not being valued, or that you could help a wider group of people with your hypnosis skills, this is the course for you! Join me.

This is the place to learn professional hypnosis!

Join us, stay at a hearby hotel, master speedtrance and come learn in the office where Dr. Nongard actually sees clients!

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Three Equal Payments

The event will be held at the offices and conference center of Dr. Richard Nongard at Hypnosis Nevada, LLC. 3305 W. Spring Mountain Rd. Suite 105. This is 5 minutes from the hotels in the center of Las Vegas Blvd. (Tresure Island, Mirage, Wynn, Trump, Venetian, Ceasars Place) and 4 minutes from world famous Gold Coast Hotel, Palms Hotel or the Rio Hotel on on Flamingo Blvd.


HOTELS and TRANSPORTATION:  We are super close to both the Rio Hotel (its a five minute walk) and the Gold Coast Hotel (ten minute walk). Directly accross the street from these hotels is the Palms Hotel. We are also close to all of the hotels in the center portion of Las Vegas Blvd. But Ubers, taxis and rental cars are cheap, so stay anywhere you want to.  You could easily walk from Rio or Gold Coast (or even the Palms. Due to highway traffic, you cannot walk from other hotels. There are lots of hotel deals in town.

The Palms, Rio Hotel and the Gold Coast are landmark hotels in Las Vegas. The office is conveniently located just west of the center of Las Vegas Blvd.  just off the strip at 3305 W. Spring Mountain Suite 105 We have secured discounted hotel rooms at the Gold Coast Hotel. For Reservations call (702) 367-7111 or Register online at https://www.goldcoastcasino.com/groups and use group code: ZHYP20. The Group name is: Hypnosis Nevada, LLC. All lodging expenses are the responsibility of the attendee and are not included in conference registration/tuition fees.

Check Hotel Rates, Airfare, Car Rentals here 

**We do and will provide transportation to and from our office and conference center from ONLY the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino and the Rio free of charge. If you stay elsewhere, you will be responsible for your own transportation. Many restaurants are within a 2-7 minute walk from our office.**

The office address is:  3305 W. Spring Mountain, Suite 105, Las Vegas, NV 89012

Class Will be held Friday and Saturday May 29-30, 2020 from 10am-6pm. There are many places to eat within a 3-7  minute walk of the venue.

Call (702) 418-3332 to Register or Ask Questions

Or register right here online, right now to secure your spot!

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Three Equal Payments