ICBCH Certified Executive Leadership Consultant



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The ICBCH Executive Leadership Consultant Certification Training Course

Become an ICBCH Certified

Executive Leadership Consultant

This course was originally created by Dr. Richard Nongard as a university level educational course. Ther course contant is designed to prepare you for leadership development offporunities in business and individual work. Leadership is the core of influence and success, and leadership is an essential skill for anyone transforming lives. Counseling, hypnosis, NLP are all the methods of change but leadership is the foundation of change.

Are you ready to consult with organizations?

Are you wanting to develop your own potential?

Do you want to master emotional and social intelligence and positive psychology?

This course is ideal for the hypnotherapist, coach or counselor, and by completing this independent study leadership consulting course , you will become certified by the ICBCH as a Certified Executive Leadership Consultant.

You will also receive access to online audio lectures and instructional videos by Dr. Richard Nongard, one of America’s most sought after life coach educators. He is a licensed psychotherapist, a successful corporate trainer, life coach and leadership consultant. He holds an accredited master’s degree in counseling and a fully accredited doctorate in cultural transformation from Bakke Graduate University.

In this audio series you will learn the practical application of leadership to real change. You will know how to use the concepts of transformational leadership, first to change your own life and then to impact others.

Some of the things you will know how to do when you are certified by the ICBCH:


  • How Transformational Leadership is different than other forms of leadership – and the success of Transformational Leadership is empirically validated.
  • How to engage others in making lasting change in both organization and individually
  • You will know the core concepts of Emotional Intelligence
  • You will know how to help people develop Social Intelligence
  • You will understand Positive Psychology and the core consulting model of Appreciative Inquiry


Here are just some of the core lessons you will study:

Lesson 1: Leadership in Practice

Lesson 2: Transformational Leadership

Lesson 3: Developing Your Personal Leadership

Lesson 4: Leadership Charisma

Lesson 5: Emotional Intelligence

Lesson 6: Social Intelligence

Lesson 7: Finding Your Calling

Lesson 8: Leadership Communication

Lesson 9:  leadership mentoring

Lesson 10: Mindfulness in Leadership


You will learn a set of business and marketing skills as well as a set of transformational interventions that change people at deeper levels than traditional methods of intervention, creating emotional, managerial, executive and practical alignment with personal goals. Coaches and counselors who take this course will have new opportunities, and a set of personal strategies to help them transform their own life, propelling them towards a higher level of personal power and achievement.


Are you ready to be one of these professionals? One who steps out of the box of conventional marketing and rises to a new level?

Do you want expanded opportunities? 

Do you want to be a more effective professional? 

Do you want to help people make transformational change?

Do you want to Influence others and create personal power?


Who are the Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) good for?

Through PeachTree Professional Education, Inc., this course offers 30 CEU credit hours for licensed or state certified mental health professionals – NBCC, NAADAC, social workers, professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, chemical dependency counselors, psychologists and nurses in most US states. For a complete list of state board approvals, please Click Here..

You are purchasing ONLINE audio/video access.   You will be not mailed anything.  Along with the online videos, you will receive access to course notes, audio files and additional information in our online certification center.  The ONLY thing you will need to purchase separately are the two textbooks. Depending on if you buy new or used books, paperback or e-books, the cost will be between $25-$60 for these additional books. There are NO refunds for online access orders.