ICBCH Autogenic Training Certification

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Become a Certified Pracitioner

ICBCH Autogenic Training Certification

with Dr. Richard Nongard

Nine video learning modules, printable scripts, ICBCH Certification

What was the first hypnotic method you learned? I was taught Autogenic Training back in the early 1990’s and it has been a cornerstone of my approach since that time. I get great results, but more importantly, the research backs of the profound results this method can produce.

Autogenic Training in hypnosis is profound. It can create a better convincer than the “eye lock” and clients leave a session “feeling like something happened”. That is powerful.  But more importantly, the scripts and protocol in this course will give you a step-by-step method for  transformation.

You will become an ICBCH Certified Autogenic Training Practitioner!

Do you want to integrate into your hypnosis practice, approaches that are backed by science? Autogenic Training is a hypnotic form of bio-feedback, it teaches clients skills and although I have touched on it in most of my courses, this ICBCH Autogenic Training Certification Program is designed to do two things:

1.)    Guide you through the deepest levels of autogenic experience, so you can derive your own personal benefit from change. By practicing with us in this structured class you will know firsthand how empowering this method is.

2.)    Train you to use these techniques to produce profound results with your clients in hypnosis.

The course is structured as a three week online learning experience.  All videos are pre-recorded and available for instant access now.

The  NINE  in-depth training videos include:

  • Mastering five core Autogenic Training skills
  • Integrating Autogenic training to produce deep trance in hypnosis
  • Autogenic Training to elicit hypnotic phenomena
  • Autogenic Training and sexual response
  • Autogenic Training and pain control
  • Autogenic Training and migraine relief
  • Autogenic training  with medical patients
  • Using Autogenic  Training to build referrals from healthcare providers

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autogenic training certification

This is an advanced skills class. When you complete this course, you will earn 9 hours of CE credit and ICBCH Certification in Autogenic Training. You will have tools and methods to use with clients, and you will have improved your own life.

All the course material can be completed at your own pace, but when you participate in our three live webcasts you will have a chance to deepen you experience and have any questions answered. All videos have been pre-recorded, you will have instant access to ALL course materials.