Hypnotic Phenomena (Online) Summer School

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A Four-Night Online Learning Experience – Worldwide Access
We are in our third of four weekly meetings now! The first three sessions are available for instant access now. The first 100 to register get each real-time class for $9 each when you register for all four nights ($36 total). This course teaches you how to be MIRACULOUS!


It is not difficult to make your hypnosis miraculous!
But you have to know how…
Join us for the third week “Regression and Progression” tonight!

Hypnotic phenomena is the cornerstone of every type of hypnosis

When you do hypnosis with power, your clients know they were hypnotized, you have greater confidence, and they have better outcomes. Do you want your clients to leave, knowing they experienced change, even before they put it to the test?

Do you know how to create hypnotic amnesia, future progression, hypnotic anesthesia and show the real power of hypnosis by helping clients experience the many phenomena expriences of hypnosis?

If you don’t use deep trance to create experience in the process of hypnosis, clients will have doubts, and wonder if they were really hypnotized. They will emerge from a session feeling great, but wondering if it will “stick”.

Do you want the confidence that comes by mastering hypnotic phenomena and clients who respond to sessions with immediate life-changing action?

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Your solution is this four-part summer school, focusing on hypnotic phenomena. It will meet 4 weeks on June 18, July 2, July 16 and July 30 at 7:00pm Pacific Time. (Each segment will be recorded and available for download after the date, so you have 24/7 access worldwide).

You can get each segment when you register for all four for only $9 each, if you are one of the first 100 participants to register. $36 for all four ICBCH summer school session!

All courses are recorded so if you can’t make the date, you will still have full access.

It will be the best $36 you spend all year. If you and I went to dinner and discussed hypnotic phenomena, we would probably pay more than $36 just for one dinner. This summer school lets you meet with me for four nights, and in each segment I will teach and demonstrate hypnotic phenomena, but more importantly, you will get to EXPERIENCE the phenomena as I guide you through experiential processes in this class.

The result of this course will be: Knowing how to create hypnotic phenomena, what the experience feels like for clients and specific applications to medical hypnosis, personal development hypnosis, and even peak performance hypnosis. You will have confidence to use these techniques with clients – and the result will be more powerful sessions.

After you take this course, you and your clients will never have to wonder if hypnosis really took place. You and your clients will never have to wonder if the results promised will be delivered.
You and your clients, will have confidence to take new action.

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hypnotic phenomena

Most importantly, you will never have to wonder, “Not that I have done the induction and made some suggestions, what should I do to ratify these suggestions??”

The result will be happier clients, with greater levels of accomplishment, and probably new referrals from happy clients.

You will earn 4 hours of approved ICBCH continuing education, and get a frameable and printable ICBCH Certificate of Achivement in Hypnotic Phenomena

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