Hypnosis for Anger, Anxiety and Depression



Hypnosis for Anger, Anxiety and Depression:
A Step-By-Step Guide to Effective Treatment & Marketing Your Services 

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NLP and Executive Life Coach Training

This is a step-by-step guide to both the clinical and business aspects of creating a successful hypnosis program in private practice. Success is defined two ways: Ending Anger, Anxiety and Depression AND  creating a profitable program based on the methods of contextual hypnotherapy.

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In this online learning series, you will learn:

  • Specific NLP patterns for fast resolutions of Anger, Anxiety and Depression
  •  How to generate referrals from criminal law and family practice attorneys
  • How to become a court approved provider of mandatory anger management clients
  • Highly effective methods of ending anxiety and panic
  • How mindfulness based hypnotic intervention can stop emotional suffering
  • How to manage non-compliant clients with anger and impulse control issues
  • Specific techniques for healing depression on a metaphysical level
  • How to reverse the progression of anger, anxiety and depression related problems
  • The approach Richard uses to generate highly motivated self-paying clients

You will benefit professionally and personally, being able to apply these principles with not only clients who see you in hypnotherapy, but also in your own life.   With interactive practice sessions, you will have the change to benefit from these same techniques clients benefit from and learn how to overcome your own struggles with difficult emotions.

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CE Hours are available to those who need them in Social Work, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Nursing, Counseling and for addiction professionals. Video-On-Demand will be made available the day following each webcast.

You will get a frameable ICBCH Certificate of Achievement upon completion of this course, by passing an online final exam.