2020 Hypnothoughts Live Self-Hypnosis Exprience [Post-Conference Event]

$199.00 $129.00


Experience being hypnotized, learn the most effective ways to do self-hypnosis,
and learn what strategies you should be teaching your clients

They way to move to an expert level as a hypnotist is to first be good at being hypnotized. This is an experiential seminar where you will uncover your trance potential, get hypnotized at the deepest levels and learn self-hypnosis.

The best part? What you learn will help you change your health, create abundance, and step into action that can change almost any habit or behavior.
What do you struggle with? In this experiential class, you can put the struggle behind.

What’s even better, is that by mastering these techniques of self-hypnosis, you will be learning the exact processes that you should be teaching your clients and giving as homework to make your sessions even more effective.

Far too many hypnotists simply give clients a recorded hypnosis session as self-hypnosis and never really teach their clients how to do self-hypnosis. You will learn exactly how to teach these skills, share them with clients, and increase your results.

In this all-day post-conference event at Hypnothoughts Live 2020 you will learn:

  • The most effective methods of self-hypnosis
  • How autosuggestion and self-talk can create lasting change
  • How to offer self-hypnosis training as a way of increasing revenue
  • How to leverage the time between client session to make huge progress
  • How to step into your own success by fully activating the power of self-hypnosis

Right now the early-bird rate is $129 if you pre-register. Class begins the day after the 2020 Hypnothoughts Live Convention at 9:00am. This full day training event is on August 17, 2020 at the Orleans Hotel and Casino. You can register for the main convention event at https://htlive.net/register-now.

Class size is limited, so register EARLY. We expect this course to sell out.
Dr. Richard K. Nongard is a bestselling author who literally wrote the book on self-hypnosis.
Are you ready to learn, practice and experience? Register now.