How to Make Passive Income Selling Hypnosis CD’s and .mp3’s on iTunes, Amazon and the Web

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The secrets to making money selling them on Amazon, iTunes, etc. This is it, so get it now and start making professional recordings for sale.



How to Make Passive Income Selling Hypnosis (Meditation or other Therapy) CD’s and .MP3’s

on iTunes, Amazon and the Web

80 Minutes or solid training in the technical, clinical and practical side of creating and selling hypnosis recordings.

Do you sell hypnosis CD’s and downloadable .mp3 sessions? You should be. It can make you ongoing income.

Every month I get royalties from iTunes, Amazon and even my own webpage.  It’s called passive income, you do the work once but get paid for it forever.

You are already doing hypnosis, why not learn how to make professional recordings and market your CD’s and earn passive income?

Learn from someone who has been successfully making and selling CD’s for decades.  Back in the 1980’s I sold cassettes from the back of the National Enquirer, today I market .mp3’s on iTunes.  I wouldn’t be doing it for more than 25 years if it wasn’t a success!

I created a relaxation tape in 1989 I am still collecting royalties from!

This is a coaching class for professional hypnotists who want to learn not just what equipment is needed and how to use it, but for those what want the secret to getting in the iTunes store and Amazon where the potential market is millions of people.

In this online class you will learn:

  • How to create a high quality professional CD or .mp3 at home
  • How to get it listed in iTunes and Amazon and start selling downloads
  • One really weird tick, halfway through the video, that will show you how to collect $10 per recording when others only get $1.
  • How to get free cover art and avoid copyright issues
  • How to mix music and voice, and even how to edit your files
  • Where to find music for your backgrounds
  • Exactly what equipment and software you will need
  • How to make sure your sound volume meets the requirements of distributors
  • How to market using effective keywords so people can find your products
  • I will show you how to create binaural beats, and integrate them into your soundtracks.
  • You will learn how to create subliminal tracks.

This is a recorded webcast from last fall, and you have full access to all of the resources we talked about in this webcast.  I share my computer screen so you can see exactly what I am talking about and give you step-by-step instructions for success. You can review the technical aspects as often as you wish and really master production and sales.

If you want to learn how you can sell your CD’s and hypnosis downloads and make passive income, register now.


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