How to Double Your Hypnotic Power with David Parke and Richard Nongard (Three Hours of Video)



How to Double Your Hypnotic Power

with Double the Instructors!  

With David Parke and Richard Nongard

Three hours of high quality video training

Do you know how to do an effective universal suggestion?  Do you really know how to use convincers that mesmerize your client?   

This two week webinar will teach you specific skills and strategies for using the phenomena of hypnosis to double the effectiveness of your hypnosis with clients.    This webinar will help you to develop confidence and manifest powerful sessions with your clients.

You will learn:

1.)   How to construct suggestions with a full range of experience

2.)   How to create ritual that engages a client in specific action

3.)   How to utilize intent and master hypnotic power

4.)   How to create broad suggestions that pull together client resources

5.)   How to create and use a universal suggestion with any client

This course will provide a new spin on old concepts, and teach you new strategies you can use with clients.    We will follow the process of pre-talk, induction, suggestive therapy and you will leave this webinar with new skills, new ideas and new methods for working with clients.

David Parke, CCE-BCC is a Professional hypnotist living in New York City.  Dave has been both an Army Ranger and a Navy Diver and is a fascinating professional to learn from.   You will enjoy his relaxed style, but firm knowledge of skills that you can use to be a more effective hypnotist.

Richard Nongard, LMFT is the Executive Director of the ICBCH.    He is a popular convention speaker, and the author of many books in the world of both counseling and hypnosis