How to book Stage Hypnosis Shows and Gigs



How to Book Stage Hypnosis Shows

with John Cerbone and Richard Nongard

a four part online video series, more than 90 minutes

This is the video series that pays for itself. Do you want to book your first stage hypnosis show?  We teach you how in this video series.

Are you already doing shows but want to fill up your schedule?  We will teach you how.

Do you dream about high paying gigs, or even performing in las Vegas?  We teach you how in this video series.

John and Richard have decades of experience. The full access program has four complete videos. Each 20-24 minutes. You will get almost 100 minutes of real world strategies john and Richard actually use. You will learn:

  • How to get on cruise ships
  • How to work with an agent
  • How to get corporate gigs
  • What online services to sign up for
  • How to get prom and high school shows
  • How to get college frats and student activities bookings
  • How to perform at comedy clubs
  • How to do lucrative door deals in any city in the world
  • And many other important resources for building a profitable stage hypnosis business 

Learn from two experts- John Cerbone and Richard Nongard. Recorded in Daytona beach Florida, John and Richard have traveled the world doing hypnosis together and we can show you how.

Online streaming and downloadable video. You will get instant access when you purchase this series of four videos, over 100 minutes of actionable strategies.