Groupnosis: How to do Hypnosis with Couples and groups from 2-200 People (3 Hours)




Groupnosis: How to do Hypnosis in Groups

Learn how to work with couples, small groups and even a hundred people or more in a single hypnosis session

With Dr. Richard Nongard

Hypnotists who learn how to do induction and suggestion with groups, can maximize their potential and increase earnings!

This is a step-by-step guide to both the clinical and business aspects duing hypnosis with groups. Group hypnosis can enhance outcomes with couples, double your potential revenue per session and give you opportunity for public demonstrations as well as entry into the hypnosis seminar business for smoking cessation and weight control. Online video series, teaching you the strategies of groupnosis!

In this online learning course you will learn:

  1. The most effective hypnotic induction for large groups.
  2. How to facilitate hypnosis with couples, or even a couple couples
  3. What happens when some do not respond at the same speed as others in a group
  4. How to structure suggestions across primary modalities of learning
  5. How to create profitable services offering group hypnosis
  6. How to navigate difficult group members
  7. How to do an effective group pre-talk
  8. How to encourage group involvement and create a dynamic of success
  9. How to work with individuals within the group
  10. You will get printed word-for-word scripts

Course is entirely self-paced, and all materials are accessed online.

Dr. Richard Nongard, LMFT is a hypnotherapist in private practice who has extensive experience working with groups. As a popular hypnosis trainer, he often does classroom demonstrations. As a licensed family therapist, he is skilled at facilitating work with couples. He has also been a Las Vegas Stage Hypnotist, working with large groups in public settings. You will learn exactly what you need to know about the dynamics and skills of groupnosis in this webinar series.  

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After registering, a PDF download will be available to you which will include access instructions to the the online video archive.