First Session Success: Weight-Loss Hypnosis

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This course teaches you how to get results in your first weight loss session with clients in hypnosis. When you get great results, you will command higher fees and get new referrals. Do you know the three elements required for successful weight loss hypnosis? This course will teach you exactly what I have learned in more than 30 years of seeing weight loss clients. Master the first session, and the results will speak for themselves. $27 for the first 500 hypnotists who register for this course.


Successful weight-loss hypnotists have the ability to command high fees.

Happy and thinner clients refer their friends and family, building your practice.

Your first session will make or break you – if a client doesn’t lose weight that first week, they might never come back. Or worse, they might even leave a negative review for all the world to see!

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Weight loss clients come to us without hope. These clients have tried everything, and have always gained the weight back.  You name the diet – they have probably tried it for a period of time.  Sure they might of lost a few pounds —— Then again they have gone off that diet usually from “FRUSTRATION” – gained the weight back – Sometimes even more weight. In your first session you can convince them of four things:

  • That  you believe in them
  • “Talk-Therapy” (hypnosis) produces measurable physical results.
  • There are solutions which you have that others do not offer
  • There is an easier way than every other method they have tired. They will leave your first session beaming with hope and enthusiasm!

When weight loss clients step on a scale following the first session, they are not only looking at the weight they have lost, but they are measuring your success. A lot of people don’t do weight loss hypnosis, because the numbers on a scale do not lie, and your success as a hypnotist will be measured.  In this course, I will show you exactly what I do to convince your clients and start losing real weight.

In this course, I will demonstrate for you what I have spent years perfecting:  Success in the First Session! I know the answers to the tough questions that make weight-loss hypnosis work, and the first session is your key to success with these clients. The SuccessFit approach to weight loss hypnosis has taken years to being perfected to where it is today.

The rewards for doing a good job are high. Sure, you can command higher fees when you have a method that works, but more importantly, you are literally saving lives, saving marriages, and helping people that really transcend the negativity and behaviors that have kept them from releasing extra weight.

Do you want to learn my method for creating success in that first session? Do you want to be able to replicate the success I have had with clients?

In fact, you might even discover that you can finally lose the weight that has been keeping you from working with others, by applying these same methods in self-hypnosis and producing your own weight loss change.


I saw my first weight loss client in 1988. Since that time I have helped hundreds of people with weight loss hypnosis to actually lose weight and keep it off.

This course is focused on the first session. It is the first module of the ICBCH SuccessFit Hypnosis Weight Loss Certification program.  This is an all new course, based on the methods I have been using for almost 30 years.

  • By taking this course you will have a rock solid approach to create success in the first session.
  • By taking this course you will have confidence to do hypnosis where the results can actually be measured.
  • By taking this course you will save time and money in developing your strategy by being able to replicate the same methods and techniques I have perfected over the last 30 years.

You will get two foundations and technique video modules, each one teaching you how to do life-changing weight loss hypnosis. You will also get the forms and assessment tools I use in my first session. These are the “cheat” sheets that help me target the specific hypnotic suggestions that create hope in the lives of my clients. In addition, you will get:

  • A transcript (printable script) of the full session I do with the client.
  • You will get all of the forms I use with my weight loss clients in the first session
  • Three “foundations and techniques videos” explaining the elements of the first session
  • The complete weight loss pre-talk video demonstration
  • The complete weight loss demonstration session

Most importantly, you will see a complete first session from start to finish with a real weight loss client. You will see the pre-talk and  how I use convincers to put aside any doubt in my clients mind, and how I utilize induction to actually create change.   Did you read that?  Induction can actually create change!  You will also see how I take the information my new client gives me to create a powerful session with both indirect and direct suggestion.

For many weight loss clients, one well-structured and powerful session is enough to create lasting change. My approach is not based on fads, but what the research actually shows will work.  The best part? I will even give you the academic citations that prove weight loss hypnosis can keep people who lose weight from regaining that weight. The citation I provide you are powerful convincers in and of themselves.   You will be able to show clients that weight loss hypnosis works, and you will be able to ask other professionals for referrals based on the science of hypnotic weight loss

Are you in? I want you to have this first module of the SuccessFit program.

You can access all of these resources right now for only $27 if you are one of the first 500 hypnotists who register for this course. These 500 spots will fill quickly. The new year is coming and every hypnotist wants these resources, so make sure you get your spot at the introductory rate.

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