Custom Hypnosis MP3 Recording

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Get a customized hypnosis recording, based on your unique needs, and individualized for your learning style, and unique to you.  Up to 40-minutes of solutions, designed specifically for you. Recorded by Dr. Richard Nongard.



Your Own Personalized Session!
Complete Custom Suggestions and Approach

Downloadable MP3 Recording – Broadcast Quality Professional Recording

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Do you wish an expert hypnotist would create a unique recording just for you? Personalized, and based on the information you provide and the suggestions you know will be most effective for you?

I will customize a recoding specifically to meet your needs. You will provide me with details related to your desires and needs, I will craft solutions for you into a magnificent broadcast quality recording using proven hypnosis techniques. You have never experienced hypnosis like this before!

These are professionally produced recordings, with studio quality audio and embedded 4 level deep with kinesthetic effects, isochronic delta tones and subliminal affirmations.

**I will include transcripts of the entire session in PDF format for you.**

Have you ever been to a movie that produced an emotional response? You were ready to change the world when you left, weren’t you? Are you now ready to solve your own issues in new and effective ways? This recording is over 40 minutes of learning and deep level hypnosis designed to change your life forever.

Embedded 4-layers deep with proven audio effects. Isochronic tones and the delta level of brainwave function will help you achieve the resource state of  hypnosis from anywhere in the world, even your own home. An embedded heart-rate creates a kinesthetic experience that makes this session multi-sensorial.

Do you want lasting change? Ordinary hypnosis sessions use spoken word to direct you, but you can think of this session as a hypnotic experience. You will not only enjoy it, you will also make lasting change.

Experiential. Subliminal. Powerful. This is life-changing, it is your personalized MP3 recording, in a high-quality download you can use on your phone, MP3 player, computer or tablet. You will own it, and you will be able to keep it forever.

There are over 12,000 peer-reviewed journals showing the value of hypnosis with medical clients. Many of these studies suggest hypnosis and guided meditation can be among the best ways for you to control stress.

This experience will be personally crafted to meet your needs by Dr. Richard Nongard, the thought leader in professional hypnosis. You will easily be able to enter the resources state of hypnosis and benefit from this experience.


$399.00 $249.00Add to cart

This experience will be created by Dr. Richard Nongard, the thought leader in professional hypnosis. You will easily be able to enter the resources state of hypnosis and benefit from this experience. Dr. Nongard is a clinical hypnotherapist in private practice, who has trained 1000’s of other hypnotists worldwide in the advanced techniques of clinical hypnosis.

*** After you order, we will send you a questionnaire within 23-48 hours.   Please compelte it and email it back to us. You will then get your recording within 3-5 days, depending on my schedule. ***

Terms:  There are no refunds or revisions for personalized recordings. Successive follow-up sessions can be created for a discounted rate.