Contextual Hypnotherapy Experiential Practice with Dr. Richard Nongard (Limited to 12 People) FB

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Imagine becoming your city’s expert in contextual hypnotherapy. This course give you both the techniques and the hands on practice and mentoring to do just that. Only 12 people will be permitted to take this course so that individual attention can be provided. Earn 14 hours of Approved Continuing Education.



Experiential Practice in Contextual Hypnotherapy

At HypnothoughtsLive in Las Vegas on August 28-29, 2017

Don’t even think of staying stuck with a singular approach to hypnosis, when you can expand your expertise by integrating contextual psychology into your hypnotherapy.

Imagine new confidence that the methods you are using are based on research, and that the result is new referrals because you have become your city’s expert in hypnosis.

You have probably seen other local hypnotists getting airtime on TV or radio and wondered, how can I become the talking head and recognized expert?

The answer is become an expert. Experts base their approach on proven methods, but more importantly on moving to the highest level of performance as a hypnotist by getting direct feedback about how you actually conduct your sessions. This is your chance to learn the methods and get the mentoring.

I am Dr. Richard Nongard, and I am recognized as one of the top experts in clinical hypnotherapy and contextual psychology. In fact, I wrote two of the bestselling books in these areas, and perhaps one of the bestselling hypnosis and contextual psychology script books of all time. But I also do the work of both counseling and clinical hypnosis, opening my first private practice in 1991.

You have an opportunity to be one of only 12 people to participate in the Contextual Hypnotherapy Practice Class at HTL. Because this is an intentionally small intimate group, you will be demonstrating what you learn and getting feedback to help you move to an expert level.  Imagine a class where you got real feedback from a real expert, and advice and feedback about everything from your pacing to your selection of hypnotic suggestions and learned new methods you will have time to practice before you return home.

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Hypnotherapy continuing education

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You will learn how to use proven methods of ACT Therapy, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, SBFT, EFT and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to enhance your sessions. You will know how to speak the language of the medical profession and increase your referrals. You will know how to present yourself as the expert you have become and get the media attention that can make your private practice thrive.

This course has been one of the popular and highest rated courses at the Hypnosis Practitioner training Institute, and his textbook on the subject only has 5-star reviews on

This class is experiential and interactive. I cannot accept more than 12 participants because I want to be able to give you personal attention, mentorship and specific training.

 Are you going to be one the 12 people who attend this course? If you are one of the first six who register, you will save $300.

This course will change the way you do hypnosis, and it will give you the confidence you need to use specific techniques that put you light years ahead of other hypnotherapists in your area.move to an expert level, no matter what your starting point is.

Register now and be one of the first six who register at the pre-registration rate.

If you miss this class other hypnotists might have an edge on you in every area from clinical skill to being recognized by local media. You don’t have to give them the edge when the solution if right here at HTL 2017.

This class is not a class with party tricks. It is for those who want to move to an expert level in clinical hypnosis, using research backed methods. It is also not for those who want to be stuck using only a singular approach or theory such as regression-to-cause or other limiting modalities. It is only for those who want to develop a deep repertoire of tools proven by the research to help clients make lasting change.

This class will fill up. Our last master class in Las Vegas had over half the space filled within just the first two weeks of offering the event. You need to register today to make sure you get the pre-registration early bird rate.

If you have any questions, you can call me at (918) 236-6116 to discuss how it will help you.

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Hypnotic Phenomena

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