CHMI – Certified Self-Hypnosis and Mindfulness Meditation Instructor



Self-Hypnosis and Mindfulness Meditation

ICBCH Certification Course

with Dr. Richard Nongard

map-of-the-world-1005413_1280Are you wanting to lead groups and classes, where people can learn how to help themselves, but also learn about your practice?

My first class was a meditation class in a Chiropractors office in 1988. For me it was the springboard into a successful career helping others.

Do you meditate or practice self-hypnosis?

Learning new methods and new techniques can take your creativity, enthusiasm and health to a whole new level of success.

This courses teaches you how to use the methods based on research in your own life, and how to teach them to others in groups, one-on-one and as a part of any successful therapy, coaching or hypnosis practice.

10 Streaming transformational videos (almost 5 hours)

  • Methods of Mindfulness, and methods of self-hypnosis
  • What to teach clients so they benefit
  • What mindfulness teaches a practitioner
  • How to create a business teaching mindfulness and self-hypnosis
  • Professional ethics and scope of practice
  • Self-practice for the practitioner
  • Making visual imagery reality
  • Letting go and releasing that which is known or unknown keeping us from success
  • Acceptance in meditation and self-hypnosis
  • Convincers in self-hypnosis

Complete access to four webcasts archives that answer questions and share demonstrative techniques

Our other certification courses are as much as $500. The included mindfulness training course is $89 and the self-hypnosis resource library is almost $30.  You are getting access to hundreds of dollars in training resources you can access over and over and even share with clients for $97 this week. 

candle-335965_640Self-Hypnosis Resource Library

If you don’t already have access to the self-hypnosis resource library, I am giving you full access with this course! It contains:

  • 5 instructional videos
  • 5 Printable scripts
  • 5 Audio recordings

And this course contains full access to our 8-week Mindfulness Meditation training program.

This is the same protocols major hospitals use in oncology, psychiatry and orthopedic rehabilitation, and pain control centers to help people create healing and success.  You will become an expert doing the 8-week program in making your own life brilliant, while transforming others.


And of course, this course includes an exam, practice sessions and awards an ICBCH Certificate of Achievement as a Certified Self-Hypnosis and Mindfulness Meditation Instructor (CHMI) upon successful completion of the course. 265x176ICBCHcertificate