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Are you ready to succeed in the business of professional hypnosis? Do you want to grow your existing practice or start a new practice? Do you feel like you are not sure where to begin, or what steps to take? Meet with Dr. Richard Nongard online and get coached to your greatest level of potential!
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Coaching the Hypnotist in Real Success
Online Skype Coaching World-Wide with Dr. Richard Nongard

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One-on-one online mentoring for your success

Business development coaching

Define your niche and the right techniques

Build your confidence

Save money by avoiding mistakes

Move from traditional counseling to professional hypnosis

Address any personal issues holding you back: Anxiety, procrastination, dis-organization, depression, or any other issues that are keeping you from living your best life.

As a hypnotherapist, life coach or NLP practitioner in private practice, you will need business development skills. Sure there are a lot of good books and even classes, but each professional in each city, has unique needs, opportunities and skills.

Dr. Richard Nongard is a well-known business professional, who can guide you through the process of either building a new private-practice or igniting passion in an existing practice that lacks success. You will be guided by one who is recognized by his peers as a wizard in marketing, coaching and practice development.

These structured coaching sessions, are based on your individual situation and needs. You will brainstorm and find unique ideas that will help you regardless of your advertising budget, internet knowledge or business background. A hypnotherapy clinic is like any other business, and requires business training. Most hypnotists have good people skills and communication ability, but have not been coached or trained in creating a successful private practice.

Through one-on-one coaching with Richard Nongard, you will know:

  • How to establish fees and get paid for your work
  • How to structure sessions and how to handle difficult clients
  • How to drive traffic to your webpage, and convert visitors to paying clients
  • How to structure a practice for success in business
  • How to meet your own personal needs as a creative business owner
  • How to avoid the common money wasting contracts and sales pitches of advertising agencies and how to avoid mistakes in leasing a place to work.

Richard Nongard entered private practice in 1991, with a two room office on Research Blvd. in Austin Texas. You will be learning from someone with  30 years of experience. You will be learning how to avoid the mistakes I have made and move directly to the expert-level of success.

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The structure of these coaching services is simple, and can be adapted to your specific needs:

Meeting One: You will spend about 60 minutes with Richard, online via Skype or Zoom (or other online meeting service), where your unique situations and resources will be evaluated. Don’t worry if you have never used Skype /Zoomwe will coach you on how to do that if necessary. You will be given specific tasks and homework designed to help you begin taking action and moving in the right direction, and you will begin to feel a sense of both hope and success. You may also be given specific advice regarding business structure, priorities and when appropriate, customized resource created for private practice development. At the end of first session you will be ready to feel confident in your direction.

Meeting Two: Individualized coaching that will guide you through internet resources, developing brand recognition, establishing a referral base and using the internet to drive traffic to your business. In this session, when appropriate, hypnosis instruction to build specific skills will be provided, and you may even be guided into your own hypnotic experience to overcome blocks to success and release anything either known or unknown, keeping you from success.

Meeting Three: This meeting will review our progress and your goals, and reinforcement to help you achieve will be provided. Each person has unique needs and resources, and this third session may be extended to further sessions if necessary. Sessions can be held weekly, intermittently or monthly.

From the time of purchase, you will have 90 days to utilize all three of your sessions. Second and third sessions are typically 45-60 minutes. There are no refunds for unused sessions or for missed sessions. Many of our clients report that these sessions virtually pay for themselves with success.

Your success will begin when you commit to a beginning by clicking the purchase now button. You will be contacted within 24 hours by our office to set up your first session. Future sessions will be established with Richard during the Skype sessions.