Anxiety and Stress Workbook and MP3/Script Resources

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More people give me positive feedback on the benefits of stress reduction hypnosis than perhaps anything else. This 62 page workbook, and these MP3 hypnosis sessions, and the downloadable script are usually $47. Reduce your own stress level, or help clients with the workbook and stress reduction resources!


Stress and Anxiety:
Complete Hypnosis Resources Package

62 page downloadable client workbook and hypnosis session MP3 and Printable Script.

anxiety-and-stressPeople tell me that with current events, they are more stressed than ever. They tell me the news is making them anxious, and they fear for the world. And the election next week is not likely to quell this anxiety – many people have deep concerns for the future regardless of the winner. And of course, weather, war, economics, and random acts of violence seem to occur more frequently and distress people even more than ever.  Are you stressed? Are your clients stressed?

Is the sky really falling?   Not really, but people are feeling a sense of overwhelm.

What if you had a guidebook to help you control anxiety in a new way? This workbook is 62 pages of interactive worksheets and ideas to help anyone or any age better handle stress.

The workbook can be used with clients to reinforce learning and help facilitate hypnotic suggestions.

I am giving you a license to copy this workbook for use with as many clients as you want to!

But there are more resources for you in this election year product:

Here is what is included:

When you buy the workbook (regular price $39.00) I am giving you some additional valuable resources you can use yourself- or with clients in hypnosis.

Dr. Richard Nongard working with client in hypnosis

Dr. Richard Nongard working with client in hypnosis

  • The Stress and Anxiety Workbook – This printable PDF is a 32 page workbook filled with practical ideas, ways to control anxiety and start living a life that creates calm rather than chaos. The results of managing stress include better health, feelings of confidence and calm where there used to be chaos.
  • MP3: Overcome Anxiety and Panic – This MP3 guides you through a hypnotic experience that reduces the physical discomfort of anxiety or panic and helps manage fear and anxiety in just the first couple of minutes. Using clinically valid methods of relaxation training, coupled with powerful hypnotic suggestion, life can be different from this point forward.
  • MP3:  Current Event Stress – I just create a brand new MP3 designed to relieve stress related to current events. Current events often produce anxiety, but because they are so often beyond our ability to control, it seems like there is no solution. This MP3 will give anyone with election year stress, or stress related to other current events, a new hope and a better way to cope.
  • Professional Scripts:  I am including the script for ending panic and anxiety that you can use in sessions with your clients. This script is a resources for controlling anxiety, managing stress and creating calm.
  • BONUS! The newest meditation/hypnosis Audio MP3 “Faaast Clinical Hypnosis – Empowering Dreams”

Here is what will happen when you get these resources:

You will know the exact same techniques I have used to help people control anxiety, and you will have a 32 page PDF workbook with resources you can print and share with clients. You will have two MP3 sessions – giving you the ability to experience hypnosis and feel your best.


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