A Step-by-Step Test-Taking and Academic Performance Hypnotherapy Program



How to Create a Step-by-Step Test-Taking and

Academic Performance Hypnotherapy Program

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 EARN 4.5 Hours of CEU Credit AND ICBCH Certificate of Achievement

There is virtually unlimited potential for generating cash paying clients in the field of test-taking and academic performance.  Teens and college students are looking for strategies to help them achieve their best, and you can generate referrals right from school counselors.   Graduates and adults are taking entrance exams, board exams and others are taking vocational tests that are required by employers.

The fear of test taking is holding many students back.   Hypnosis can stop the panic and help students and adults take control of any test taking situation.   Hypnosis, is also a great tool for helping high achievers, increase retention of complex materials and recall that information when required.

Professional hypnotists can earn great money, developing programs centered around test taking performance and academic achievement.  This video series will teach you how to structure and develop programs that generate high fees, and self-paying motivated clients.

In this three part webinar you will learn:

1.)      How to structure programs students will sign-up for and pay for

2.)    How to market students at the college and graduate level

3.)    How to generate referrals from school counselors

4.)    How to facilitate sessions that actually produce results, decrease anxiety and help students pass

5.)    You will get printed scripts

6.)    You will be able to help your own students, and even yourself, enhance performance and memory in stressful situations

7.)    You will learn the NLP Perfect Spelling Pattern

8.)    You will learn many other techniques that you can use immediately with your clients

This webinar series is an opportunity for you to succeed as a hypnotist.  If you live near any city with colleges or universities, you have a ready to fish stocked pond.  This webinar will guide you to reeling in your success.